Friday, February 29, 2008

Wish List

Travis' mom and stepfather left for a trip to St Thomas, St Johns, and around that neck of the world. Lucky-ducks. But anyway, here's a piece of my dear husband's intricate and fascinating mind that he passed on to his mother prior to their departure:

Go wild. Good one babes.

We really hope they do get something for Adalynn that she can drool on, since that seems to be her favorite game as of late. The other games she was playing today include: 1. Lets see how short of a nap I can take. 2. Let's see how long I can get mommy to hold me for by crying every time she puts me down. 3. How much liquid poo can a diaper hold? and 4. How many fingers can I get in my mouth at one time? (with the preference being for a whole fist). Really, I think this sums it up..

Poor, poor Banks. What a trooper. It has got to be so humiliating to be the subject of the Masselink's allergy test. Cheaper than the docs office.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Catch Up Again

Whoa, am I ever behind! Work leaves little time for fun anymore, and time I do have for fun is generally spent hands-on with Travis and Adalynn since I feel guilty and super tired being away for so long. Then I'm too tired to do much else after Adalynn goes to bed - pathetic fact #1: Monday I went to bed at 8:30pm. Seriously, who have I become? So right now I feel like I'm running on a hamster wheel with a broken brake. But God doesn't give us more then we can handle...I'm resting in this.
Because of this weeks events, I don't remember what was happening in most of these pictures so this may be mostly a picture blog. But that's probably more fun then listening to me ramble.


Evidently my new soon-to-be brother-in-the-law has a good sense of humor. So here it is, just for you Scott, one of the best bachelor party dress ups that I have ever seen:

It's still cracking me up. Thanks for the laugh. It was needed.
But Scott, really, you are a man. Wearing a bunny suit. Gotta say, there's not many guys out there who would let that out. Still laughing. (but really, laughing with you.)
Like Father, Like Daughter

Check out their expressions...


Adalynn's Big Box

What's in there? Is it for da silly girl?

Sure 'nuff it is. Check out the new car seat. Cause she's cute in it. That's right.


Cooking with Moms

We made Butterscotch Blondies for company last night. And they tasted gooooood....
But they were soooo ugly. So you don't get to see them here.


The most fabulousest moon ever?

I get to experience some funky things waking up at 5am to get ready and go to work. How did I live before this? Like take this morning for example, I learn on the news that a building that my mother-in-law'se ex-company owned burned down last night in a boldly bright fire. Necessary information for sure. This picture was shot the morning after the eclipse. I have never seen the moon so bright.
Captian LongPants: Just don't get so big a head that your SuperBaby will look down on use average folk. My baby's got heart. and she *hearts* family.
Revolutionary stuff on that link. I can see your point. You sure that's my baby bro talkin?
Blessings, Prayers, Love, and Strength to Jean, Burch, Jonah, and Nathan. I can't even imagine how difficult these last months have been for you guys. We love you, and our prayers are with you.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Life Is Sweet

All Ya'll who weren't watching the Vandy/TN game just now - you MISSED OUT!!!! Seriously, you missed an AWESOME game!

Sunday, February 24, 2008


K. This is going to be quick, gotta work tomorrow. (ugh). Haven't gotten too many *great* pics this weekend because we were fabulously busy. Congrats to Scott who had his bachelor party on Saturday. I so wish I could put a picture of Scott on the blog, the boys dressed him up real good. I really have a great one. But I think I'm too nice. Right now, things may change (ie. suck up now Scott, I have some good ammo :)
We made it to church this morning, Adalynn slept through Sunday School and then woke for the service. We took her out of the service twice, because she enjoys talking and playing (silly girl) during the sermon. Oops! She has started having "conversations" with us, we talk to her and she coos back. Quite consistently as well. She should, as she is a SuperBaby. And every SuperBaby needs a Super Safe Car Seat. So I got the inside word that a certain website is having a Britax car seat sale and we ordered Adalynn a Britax Boulevard. We like her Britax Companion that she is in now, and I can't put a price on her safety. (how is that for a roundabout ADD paragraph? my goodness!)
And on a totally other note, I'm crossing my fingers for spring...soon...even though we're supposed to get More snow tomorrow night. double Ugh. but this website/blog is sprucing me up and is getting me in the mood for warmer weather and SUN. I'm so gonna plant a garden! And it's going to be great.
At this point I must turn this screen off and watch the Oscars with my great hubby. We'll catch ya later with more fun. Can't you Hardly Wait?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

It was a good Day.

Seriously, how could you NoT love this face? She cracks me up. Pouty pouty girl, Like she has it so bad. Adalynn had her first YMCA visit today. And probably the last for a while too, as Mommy and Daddy are too cheap to subscribe to a membership. But, Aunt Amy and Uncle Henry have one and they were sweet enough to take Adalynn and I as guests for the day. Thank God, because 14 degrees is waaaayyyyy too cold for me! And my bum is starting to get sore from busting my butt on the stationary bike in our basement. So Amy and I ran 3 sloooow miles (I run slow. Don't really know if you can call it running or not. Still debating that one.) while Uncle Henry pushed Adalynn around the track in her stroller. She appeared to enjoy watching the boys playing basketball a little too much. We'll have to keep a close eye on her. Especially since later she was flirting with her cousing Zander when we went to get Travis' hair cut today. Seriously, at 3 months? Wait until 6, at least!

This is just a cute picture. Had to add it in. :)

Now, Amy told me I couldn't take a picture of her after running. But, this picture is to display that even though she just exercised, she doesn't look like she just ran. Me, on the other hand, looked like death warmed over. A nasty, sweaty mess. Don't people who can work out and not look like they've lifted a finger just make you mad?!? (just kidding Ames, love you)
And just to prove that there are still angels out in the big, bad world, I lost my iPod today. To make things worse, I didn't even know that I had lost it until a very nice guy named Andrew called and reported it lost (I have this bad habit of losing things. Most of the time I find them. It is a very bad habit. I don't like it, and it makes my husband quite irritated. But, it happens. And it has NoT improved with pregnancy!). So, then he even dropped it off at my mother-in-law's! How sweet is that? Really! Just awesome.
I apologize deeply for the lack of creativity in this post. It's late. I also want to thank those who have posted comments. They're awesome! :) And we think our baby girl is adorable, but it's always nice to hear it from other people too. And Laura, next time you have off, call girl! We'd love to get together. I was going to say something else. Can you tell my mind has turned off for the night? Oh - Travis wanted me to tell you peoples how to comment. At the end of the blog it says "0 comments" or "1 comment" or if we are really lucky "2 comments". Click on the "comment". It will take you to another page where you can read other people's comments. And then give you a box on the right where you can type in your own. So type, type away and then if you don't have an ID you can put the comment under "anonymous". But please put in your name. Anonymous comments without your name just aren't cool.
Peace Out Peoples.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Snow Day

Confession: I am a big big wuss when it comes to driving in the snow. So, we had a snow day today. And we've been bums. all. day. (and. yesterday.) It's been fabulous. Adalynn was in such a great mood - she has been hilarious! Of course, not when the camera is watching. Such is life.

Q. How many toys can a 3month old hold?
A. At least 3. Including multiple rings, keys, and a ducky in the middle of plastic loops. And still manage to suck on them all.


So really, you say, you must've done SomEthInG today. That is true. I searched for places to hold Infant Massage classes. I found that Caledonia Continuing ed will allow me to teach one through them, but not until fall as the spring brochure is already in the printing process. And I may hold a community class using Amy and Henry's church again. Yah! I made a rough draft for a business card. I think I'm having too much fun with this.

WARNING: Vegetarians may want to turn away. Massive meatfest ahead.
So when you're chillin' all day, what can you make for dinner but breakfast? Seriously though, the 5lbs of bacon was a bit much...Travis' coworker had given us some bacon in a gift basket for Christmas and we thought it was time to fry it up. Holy shnikes though, we have bacon coming out of our ears! Didn't even get through half of it. Probably a good thing.


Take care and blessings to all.

Monday, February 18, 2008

more of 'da baby girl

sorry. this really isn't the place to come if you don't want to be saturated with pictures of our daughter. we are obsessed.

I LOVE This Girl!


Are these not the cutest jeans ever? I think I may be in love with them too...


I tried to share with you all the joy of the Wii. But the video won't upload. Maybe later.
Have a good night.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I'm 1/4 of a Year Old Today!

I took over today's blog for mommy. I heard through the grapevine that she was writing in her "work language". Too many big words. I'm here to clarify how things are really going.
Can you believe it? I'm 3 months old today. It's amazing. I'm really starting to get the hang of this "life" thing, and I'm pretty sure I have my mommy and daddy wrapped around my finger. It's funny to see them run to fix my every cry, they're so trainable! And don't think I'm not starting to take advantage of it! I even got my mommy to take me out of the church service today and watch the kids play in the nursery for a little while. Hehe.
Mommy got a new camera today (like a canon something?) and she took a bunch of annoying pictures. This one pretty much sums up my mood today:

I was a grumpy butt, I'll admit it. I missed my morning nap because of church and then after a short 1 hour nap (I'm used to taking a 3 hour-ish nap in the morning and a 2 hour-ish nap in the afternoon) they hauled me to Mama and Papa Madden's to watch the Daytona 500 for a little while. Mommy and Daddy really should have known better. I thought we should've stayed home and slept. And I let them know it too.

I don't know what these ring things are that mommy keeps giving me. She's wierd. She keeps giving them to me, I'm not sure what for. They don't do anything. Quite boring, if you want to know the truth. I'll show her, chew 'em to pieces, I will.
Some things I really like right now: my play yard, my wubby (blanky), Dry diapers, playing on the floor, sitting in my bumbo seat, tooting, sleeping, eating (I was 15lbs at my Dr. appt on Friday - with at Least 1/2# clothes on. Daddy says if I keep this up I'll weight 1080lbs when I'm 18! He did the math. I can't yet.), music and singing, reading books. I'm starting to like laying on my tummy more too.
Some things I really don't like: Wet or Dirty diapers, getting covered up in my car seat (I can't see OR play! Seriously...), being cold or hungry or tired.
I finally decided to show mommy and daddy my good side again tonight when daddy gave me a bath. He is sooo funny, I just love it when he gives me baths. I can't help but smile alot! I'm almost outgrowing the small bathtub I use.

After baths I normally go to bed. I was going to bed really good for a little while. Mommy would feed me, then lay me down, and I'd drift off to slumberland. But I thought I'd change that up, after all, gotta keep them on their toes! So the last couple of nights I've been crying more and NoT going right to sleep. I get more hugs, kisses, AND food. I reward them with "waaaah"s and pooters and more quality time spent with me. Hehe. I love my life! Speaking of bed...
...Good night. Love you guys, and thanks for watching me grow up!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

All About Adalynn

Is she not hilarious? Com'on, admit it, your smiling too.

As we grow older we seem to grow copasetic with ambivalency...not kids though, man, they feel everything. Adalynn is learning what she likes and doesn't, and seems to learn new ways daily to let us know her feelings. Joy, true joy, like in this picture above, she shows daily. Generally after I make a dog sound or Travis says something silly. She's not supposed to be able to understand english yet, but sometimes I swear she's fluent. Adalynn is also learning breathtaking screams, getting sooo upset because we-are-never-ever-going-to-feed-her-again-and-can't-you-see-she-is-wasting-away-right-before-our-eyes-and-is-losing-the-will-to-live-oh-it's-so-hard-to-be-a-baby. Thank God, we don't often see this side of our little girl.

Last night Adalynn was chilling in her swing. Her fave toys right now are her clip-together rings, different textures and colors. She was trying to hold them and suck her thumb, snuggling in for a nap. It was cute.

Adalynn is learning so many new tricks right now! It is crazyness. She is using both hands to play with toys, crossing midline bilaterally, and bringing her toys to her mouth (all laying a solid base for great eye-hand coordination). She's starting to like tummy time more - today she brought her head up 90deg multiple times. Way to go girl! She's quite close to rolling stomach to back...maybe a week or two or four yet. (How's that for development Uncle Ryan? You keeping up?)
We went to the library today and met a very nice librarian who told us about storytime for infants to 18mos on Friday mornings. So, guess what we will be doing starting next Friday? :) Baby book club, that's right.


ConGrats Vandy!

They played and AWESOME game against Kentucky last night. 93 to 52. Haha. Poor Kentucky. They were schooled. And I watched it on ESPN. What could be more beautiful.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Shouts Out to all Spartans and Commodores!

Here's hopes and wishes, dreams and prayers to the Spartans and Commodores tonight...we'll be watching. Play strong and go D! go boys, go! (yes, I mean men's bball. and if you don't know that, you should be ashamed.)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Hip, Hip, Hooray!! It's a Comp Day!!

Gotta say, I love days off. It's like the most delicious morsel of chocolate, I just want to savor the heck out of it. So here's what we learned today:


...learned that her feet touch the bottom of the exersaucer now. Man is she growing!

...and reiterated what we already knew. That she is just the cutest lil bugger out there. Thanks to Papa and Mama Linda for this outfit. (yes, it's a 6month outfit. yes, it fits her perfect right now. no, she is a week shy of 3 months. and no, it's not ok.)


I perfected sewing Diaper Caddys. I may not be Betty Crocker, but I might be Ms. McCall. (get it? they make sewing patterns. all right. not funny)

I made one of these for a coworker who is due the end of March/beginning of April. Her baby shower is this week.

I can also make them in Purple Cordorouy, Pink Panther, Camo, and Red/White/Blue Star Caddys. I may put them up on and see if I can sell any... I'm not 100% sure yet though. Mine is just sooo handy (I love having a little bag with diaper/wipes Right There when I need to change her in Public, or if I don't want to take the WhoLe bag in), I want to share with the world! Or, I may take them to my Infant Massage classes (which reminds me, gotta find locations, locations!) and see if anyone wants to buy. Or, if you want one, let me know. Yea...


In "other-thought land", my sister and her family are in the "pre-adoption" phase and are going through home visits this week. Send up a prayer for them!

And...a shout out to to my cousin Brent and his family, welcoming their new addition, a precious baby girl. I think she was born over the weekend. ConGraTuLaTionS!


Back to work tomorrow. No rest for the wicked I suppose. Crossing my fingers for a weather warm-up!

Another (*insert sarcasm here*) Fabulous Snow Day

Yesterday I attempted to get to work for 45min, didn't make it to the highway, turned around and came home. An hour and a half to get probably 10-15miles! Hello! Anyone else see anything wrong with that? Grrrr.... So I was stressed all day. I'm not a big fan of things I can't control. The weather kills me. Gotta let it go - breath in - breath out - ahhhh....

Good news was that I got to spend time with Adalynn and Travis, and boy, did We Have Fun.

Yesterday's Highlights:

I made cupcakes - Valentine's Day Style...

They are not nearly as beautiful and creative as some of these. Not even close. But, in my defense, remember it was SNOWING and BLOWING, I only had 2 eggs, and minimal frosting and decoration supplies. (add this to my demoted Betty-Crocker standing and this is what you get)


Take a look at our smart girl. She's starting to play with her toys! She's got the rings here...her other faves include her rattly "lelefant" and her keys. (and no matter how much you wish I would have rotated this picture before posting, trust me, it looks better this way)


And...we need to turn off the TV. She's growing more and more infatuated with the colors and sounds...yikes! She likes the Wii's her staring down Mario in Super Mario Galaxy. She also likes to watch us Wii-box. Adalynn: Don't look at that evil contraption, it'll blind ya... play with your fishes! They love you and are sad... :( (seriously, kids watching TV is my pet's not ok! especially at just under 3 months...grrrr)


One more item to note:

Happy Birthday Caleb!!!

Caleb, the middle Eddie and Amie Masselink child, has recently celebrated His birthday. He is a very sweet kid. Loves sports and got a be-a-utiful bike for his birthday. We love you!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

13 Weeks

Adalynn stayed with Travis today while I worked at Mary Free Bed. Evidently they played pretty hard and she fell asleep while playing. It's hard to believe she's 13 weeks old already!
She was full of grins again. Gotta love it. Just disregard my singing, it's not pretty. And if you are prone to seizures, please don't watch. I think there was an earthquake...yes, that's it...

And she held onto her keys for approx 5min today with her left hand. In the OT world, this is a milestone. She is developing fine motor skills. I'm so proud of her.

News Flash: I am now a Certified Infant Massage Instructor, just got the paperwork back today. Sweetness... Watch out, babies of the world! You will soon be soothed and seduced by the calming touch of your parents, facilitated by yours truly. Feel blessed. Feel very very blessed.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Favorite Friday

We had a great day today. I've got to say, I *love* my days off with my little girl! She really is quite fabulous, loves to share gigantuous smiles at whim. Agenda: We got the oil changed in the car, went shopping, and visited Uncle Henry and Aunt Amy. Adalynn played with Uncle Henry and cousin H.J. while Amy and I went running. Ahhh....running. Boy am I wiped out tonight! Ready for bed. Right. Now.

Forgot to mention a Milestone reached this week - Nana must have really worn her out on Tuesday because she slept for 12 hours Tuesday night! I woke at 3, she was talking a bit in her sleep but didn't fully wake up. I woke up each hour from that checking on her, but she was out until 8 in the morning! Crazy...

Lovin' Her Worm

I kid you not, she loves this worm that our neighbors James and Jackie got her. It attaches to the crib and plays classical music (and teaches numbers, letters, etc but she's too cool for that stuff right now). She lays, staring at it as though through ESP it will turn on and begin playing her faves...when it doesn't she starts talking to it. Eventually, she summons her servants. We push the button, upon when she begins grinning and waving her arms and legs around as though she is getting a personal concert from Vivaldi, Beethoven, or Mozart. Hilarious, really. And last night I went in to check on her because she was talking and carrying on in her crib round about 3:30am. She's grinning away and talking to the animals on her mobile. Good one!


This is Adalynn's Favorite Book right now. She *loves* the pictures in it, it never fails to bring grins and laughs. (even though Travis says it's not the great, real pictures of the animals as much as my funny voices for the animals. either way, she loves it. and we're happy for her :)


That's it for now. I really wasn't kidding about being ready for bed. So Tired, and I have to work this weekend. I promise, I will return with more creative genius on an improved scale later. G'night.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Genetics and more Ponderings of the Universe

She looks amazingly like us, don't you think? Not like she really had many choices, since Travis and I look freakishly alike in our baby pics. No, we are not related. At all.

**So she has my nose, Travis' eyes and chin, but let's hope though that she got my boxing skills. I wupped Travis' bum 5 times today on Wii boxing - and that was after a 1/2 hour of cardio, situps, and pushups. It was great. Poor guy. He beats me in most everything else Wii, so it works out.**

Yup. So I started "working out" (really got to come up with a better term. "working out" is just lame) again today. Cardio and light strengthening. It felt great!


Happy New Shoes Day, Adalynn!

Are these not some of the cutest shoes ever? And for a good cause too! At these adorable shoes are sold. And for every pair bought, they give a pair of shoes to a child in need.

We'll catch ya on the upside. Love to ya all.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Fat Tuesday

Happy Fat Tuesday from Our house to Yours!
and yes, it's just a coincidence that the girl has some big cheeks today. she's using them to store up some pazcki to get her through the winter.
(i'm really not being mean. they're cute. just think, the poor girl, she had to get them from somewhere.)
So anyone doing anything for Lent around here? may take a while. i'll let ya know later, tater.

Monday, February 4, 2008


Oh my goodness! I just realized that it's been since Last WednesDay since you've heard the fabulous coming's and going's of the Masselinks. Are you going through withdrawal? Let me quench your thirst...

So last Thursday I worked. Ugh.

Last Friday, Adalynn and I ran a marathon of errands to get ready for Laura's wedding shower on Saturday. The weather was Awful! We crawled by a jacknifed semi, an EMS truck in the ditch, and (random) a car stalled in the middle of the road because it ran out of gas. But we were safe and warm in the big 'ole truck, thank goodness! Oh - and Friday was Amazon Delivery Day! Very exciting. I got 2 books: 1. Skinny Bitch and 2. Eat, Pray, Love. These were recommended by Tiffany. Very Interesting... And Travis got his pistol for Cabella's Big Game Hunter on the Wii. He's pretty excited about that.


This is a famous Aunt Nancy cake. Travis' aunt seriously makes the most delectable cakes ever. They are so delish! For Laura's shower we chowed on white cake with raspberry filling. Num!

3 of our Toilet Paper Brides. Aren't the dresses gorgeous? Only the finest couture, for sure...

I discovered earlier Saturday that Betty Crocker I am NOT! I do aspire to be, however I failed miserably. Here's the scoop: Evidently Tin Foil does not belong on the floor of the oven. I was making Monkey Bread. It has been sooooo long since I have tasted the lovely stickiness of Monkey Bread on my tounge. And I miss it. Still miss it, since I started the oven on fire while making it and had to abort the mission. Yes. I started the oven on fire. It was not pretty at all. My mom was holding Adalynn, and we both were stuck standing, gaping mouth, in front of the oven. Until mom remembered somewhere that Salt might put out the fire. Salt, being readily available on the counter, miraculously extinguished the fire. Thank God. And I made Travis buy Fire Extinguishers last week to have "just in case". Well, "just in case" arrived and the fire extinguisher sat on the countertop because I didn't know how to use it. Oops.

So Long Monkey Bread. Never Again will you be formed by the hands of Cara. :(


Saturday Night. What happens at the Bachelorette Party stays at the B-ette Party. I will just say, lots and lots of crazy fun and dancing. Rock On.

Aww, don't we all love the "Future Mrs. M" shirt? It's so cute. It does kind of look like it's missing something though...maybe a heart? I don't know why, it just looks like it could use it.... (sorry Jerilynn, couldn't help it)

Needless to say, at the Masselink house we slept in until 8ish on Sunday when the princess woke us. She went back down for a nap about 10, and so did we. It was great. Every once in a while we just need some down time. And the Annual Masselink Superbowl Party was fun as well. What a 4th quarter!


I made this for dinner tonight. It was good, thought I'd share the love. (If even I could make it, it must be easy).


Peanut Gallery:

Tiff - I don't really know what's up with the Wee-Warmers. They don't have much practical value (although for around the house, they are FaB because you don't have to mess with pants). They really are adorable though. Com'on, leg warmers? Really, the 80s will live on 4-eva!!! This is proof.

Ryan - bring it. The basement is great. Growing greater by the minute. You are welcome to it anytime. We would be honored.