Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas at my Mom's, 2009

We, as the people in the picture posted above, celebrated Christmas at my mother's house yesterday. As tradition dictates we began the day taking pictures with Christmas Trees Around the World at the Meijer Garden's.

And we started out with mad style. 'Cause that's how we roll.

Awe. It's my baby! All growing up! Did you know, that at her 5.5month well child visit this past Tuesday she weighed 15lbs 13oz? She scored in the 97th% for height, 60th% for weight. Crazy!

And this one, well, she's 97th% for height, 93rd% for weight. Way to maintain proportions baby!
Bragging aside and back to the pictures, the train completely enamored Adalynn. She followed it around the rooms...

...back to the starting point...

...and waved the train "G'bye" when we left.

And then, whatta treat, Mr. Fred Meijer himself presented, reading "The Night Before Christmas".

Very special, Very sweet. Something about grandpas reading to grandchildren.

Unfortunately Mr. Fred talked quite quiet, and Adalynn started talking, fussing, and generally being obstinant.

Which landed her here. Oops.

Once back at Mom's the children gathered around for special story time.

Something about Grandmas reading to their grandchildren, so sweet!

Following story time came, wait for it...., presents. Very pretty dress, Adalynn. And very nice, useful presents everyone.
Henry and Amy, Megan and Henry John presented Travis and I with some interesting looking boxes screwed together from plastic deck wood. Amy discovered what looks like an awesome way to grow potatoes in towering boxes. We're (well, I'm) extremely excited for potato growing this spring. Rock on!

The day totally wore Adalynn out. But it was definately worth it. Yes, it was.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


We're totally busy this weekend, scrambling around to work, Christmas parties, last minute shopping, and frantic knitting. But I happened through some old photos and I was going to post them, but can't get them to upload. Poop. Will try again soon.
Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


In my world, cloth diapers catch my eye.

Most always I feel compelled to duplicate.

It's a work in progress, but I'm learning.
Featured: Wool Interlock Cloth Diaper Cover, size Medium.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Perfect Pot Roast and other matters of the heart and soul

I'm gonna stand on a limb and say that the Sunday dinner I cooked today most likely stands as the Best Sunday Dinner I have ever cooked.
Ahhhh. It feels good to get that off my chest. Better than Racheal Ray, better than Betty Crocker, the Pioneer Woman is In 'Da Hooo-use!

The Perfect Pot Roast turned out as perfect as perfect gets, in the pot roast world. Even Adalynn ate the meat, I am very proud to say. The biscuits, ehhh, need some help. They may have rebelled since I embarrassed them by cutting them into star shapes, but that's what happens when you do not own a biscuit cutter.
So today, after our Awesome Sunday Dinner, we drove into town to fulfill an annual Christmas tradition. We attended the Nutcracker, as danced by the Grand Rapids Ballet and accompanied by the GR Symphony. I love me some John Varineau, man.

But of course, no flash photography ruined the photo session I hoped for. That and Keely, who made it 10 minutes into the first half before I carried her out. The second half proved more successful, we made it a full 30 minutes. Adalynn, the champ, sat through the entire ballet making only minimal disturbance - like when all the dancers left the stage, all was quiet, and she said (in her Borck voice that carries a fair distance) "All done? They go bye-bye?". At least she amused those around her.

During intermission I made Amy play photographer again. Check it out, shot #1 and she nails it.
Travis and I even sat for a rare couple. For some reason, my right cheek kept poking out into a large, bland mass protruding from the side of my face. I'm gonna be honest here, I deleted those from my camera directly.

My cheek haunted me so bad I contemplated plastic surgery for the first time in my young life.

But then I tried scaring into submission...

...and my cheek receded. So Much Better.
Oooh, I'm a lucky woman. Just look at that man next to me! Ow!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

1 (one) is the loneliest number. tear.

PW weekend? Started out grand. totally. This morning I baked, yes, Susie Homemaker am I, PW's French Pastry Puffs. Nevermind that they turned out more muffiny than puffy, after a quick switcharoo due to the lack of shortening in my pantry and the presence of applesauce. Nevermind that, they tasted De-Lish.
We ran into town for errands - a quick stop at the grocery store for necessities, a quick browse at the Stove and Saw Store (for woodstoves in the new house!!!), before rushing home for lunch. And when I opened the door? Banks sulked, pouting with his nose on the ground while Rocky hid quickly under the table. Why?

What the??? seriously. SerIouSly. When we left, 10 puffs-turned-muffins stood tall and proud and sugary and gooey and lovely.
And then there was 1.
And poop in my hallway. really. POOP. They ate my puffs-turned-muffins. and turned them into poop. IN MY HALLWAY.

But I'm Over It.

So, the big plans for this evening included dinner with our neighbors. Very fun. It's a total God thing - they moved here from TN, a cool and hip christian couple like us, 2 beautiful daughters our children's age, and 2 dogs. So, we're bundling up for the subzero walk home, and Adalynn decides she needs to protect her baby from the elements too. (again. earlier today, in d&w shopping for groceries, adalynn decides her baby needs, now, to be stuffed down her coat. like mommy does, but was not doing at the time. and as adalynn is walking, baby falling forward but her legs still pinned in the coat, adalynn began to use her back as a table for her falling crumbs. not okay, people, not okay. but, admittedly, very funny.)

So we arrive at home and I determine this moment a Kodak moment, STAT. During the photo op Keely evidently recognized her long-lost twin. And she's all, "Hey, man, where ya been? One day I'm propped up next to you in bed, evewyone's sayin' we're wook awike - wewated - like, twins! and then ya weave wif not even a g'bye? And now? Not even a hewwo?"

"Sewiously. My feewing is hurt. I can't even look at ya." Keely, do not take this personally. In some, wierd, wierd way, we may even consider this a compliment.

It's a Pioneer Woman's Weekend

I have this friend (i know, wrap your mind around that one if you can), and she totally rocks my world. She possesses this sixth sense that enables her to know exactly what my girls and I will fawn over perseveratively. Like, when they visited last summer and she presented dear Adalynn soy crayons and me a precious necklace with my daughter's birthstone and an awesomely etched "A" (for Adalynn). I still can't get over it. This time, for Christmas, she sent a box filled with a fishy puzzle and play octopus for the girls, and since the internet doesn't wrap presents, I peeked at my Christmas present early....

...and I totally couldn't keep my 'lil paws off it. Since Friday I have scarcely let the cookbook down, except to take it's picture. I'm sure Travis is thrilled. But, considering the present that he's getting early, he has no grounds to complain.
So this weekend I am deeming "A Pioneer Woman's Cookbook Weekend"...well...minus the dinner that we're eating at friend's tonight. Mmmm. Think of the pounds we'll gain and the taste buds we'll please! I'll let ya know how it goes.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The First Bite

You. Are. Now. Experiencing. Keely's. First. Bite.
Mmm Avocado!

After staring longingly at our plates for the last couple of weeks, tearing up anytime we ate at the table and begging to join in, she looked...well, crestfallen. Dissapointed.

"Gag me."

Seeing the need for some big 'sis intervention, Adalynn showed Keely how it's done.

"Mama, Mama, let me try!"

She may not be hip on the food, but man, those spoons sure taste good!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

O, Christmas Tree 2010

Our family's history as related to Christmas tree picking provides our extended family and friends with ammo to pick on us. But to this day I stand strong, emphasizing that our christmas tree's ooze with character and artistic creativity. And I love it.
But this year, after the 30' tree and the five-branched-charlie-brown tree, we decided to send the kids out one their own to see if they could do any better. (ok. maybe not completely alone. thanks, opa and oma, for your kind supervision).

and, of course, they totally showed us up.

and came home with a perfect, pint-sized fir. and then decorated such pint-sized fir...can you tell who had the honors? (it looks great, honey. you tried really hard. it's not your fault the ornaments jumped onto the branches directly in front of you.)

dance, baby, dance! The joy of decorating a christmas tree.

Adalynn contemplated...

Can one wear lights and sparkle all the time? What about a little hunter green backpack? A nice little headlamp for nighttime navigation?

Huh. Tree as a headlamp? Might be counterproductive.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Keely: bringin' down Bob

Hewwo guys. How are you? Wong time, no see.

Oh. Hi Bob.

Was up, man?

You gotta move, man. You're wuining my photo shoot.

Bob, go away!





Ah ha. I got 'em.

Now that I've got all the attentions...pwease, take a moment and admire my new wool longies!
Thanks. :)

Adalynn says "Thank You!"

To everyone who donated items to the Camp Manitou-lin Therapeutic Riding Program for her birthday, in honor of Cindy.
And most of all, Thank You, for sharing with us that very special day in November!