Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Now this is what I was thinking of

When I had children! (just kidding A. When you look back on this, remember you are smiling in this picture!)
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Between here and there and everywhere I try to throw up some pictures every once in a while of what we're up to. But, it just isn't the same as a sit down at the computer, upload pictures, and write like I did in the ole' days. So here goes.

Adalynn, our live-wire, is infatuated with 4-wheelers. So, if anyone has a 4-wheel drive option we can use to feed her addiction through the winter, it would be appreciated.

Peach has finally found peace from bugs. Flying and crawling alike, they irritate her to no end. Let me tell ya, I feel her pain as I too was once (twice actually) pregnant. But my goodness, she's high maintenance right now. I'd rather not think about what I was like when I was pregnant...

Speaking of being pregant, here's some love-bug pics from the product of my last pregnancy. Sorry, there just really wasn't a good way to lead from that, to this.

But oh, she's so cute and I love her so much!

This past weekend was a whirlwind. A good 'lil tornado, but swirly and busy nonetheless. Friday night, as I already posted, we attended the GRCHS vs East footy-football game. And yes, I corrected my previous post. Dog-gone phone typing.

Saturday night we loaded into my dad's truck (literally. we looked like a Dutch clown car) and drove over to the Berlin Racetrack to see some racin'.

Whooooo! They go fast!

Many thanks to my father and stepmom for keeping the kids sat night and all day Sunday. Let me tell ya, T and I put those hours to good use. A very nice family brought us 2 new chickens. They are about 4 months old, Rhode and Kettle Korn. The chickens in front are our previous newest chickens, Marge (the Isa Brown in front) and Peeps (the black and white...i knew his breed once, but not anymore). We are building them a chicken coop in this spot this evening.

T built Peach a door for her stall. It is so. nice. I love it dearly. Thank you.

If at this time you can pullease look past the pile of wood to the fence posts that are standing upright in the ground I would appreciate it. We placed these 9 posts and 1 gate on Sunday as well. This will be Cindy and Peach's (and baby, if it ever arrives) new pasture/dry lot next to the barn.

Monday evening as we pulled up to the barn we were grace with this beautiful double rainbow. Pardon the phone picture, but in person it was AmaZinG. We are so blessed with this property!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Night Football

We attended the Grand Rapids Christian High vs East Grand Rapids football game tonight. I miss going to games, something we should do more often for sure. Sat in the first row, right in the action. The girls could smell the sweat, but mostly picked up wrappers from the ground. I love fall!
(poopy word prediction)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's a Great Day

To can some applesauce. Fo' sure!
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Saturday, September 18, 2010

We Broke The Bus

Seriously. We, and by we I mean Jeff, paid $2 per person for a ride to the Big Sable Lighthouse on Lake Michigan. We bumped along in an overstuffed bus when two thirds of the way down the rough, sandy, dune-ish road th driver yelled "Hold on!". She subsequently revved the engine, pressed the pedal to the metal, and crossed her fingers and said her prayers. And drive straight into a hole, dropping the rear left down, down til covered in a sandy mess. We evacuated the bus and walked the remainder. When done sight-seeing we peered down the lane

and started walking. And walked. And walked.
My conclusion? We're...too sexy for sexy for the bus...
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Question of the Day ...

Laura: "Were you having trouble w/ people coming in (besides 8 year old girls and dogs)?"
September 11, 2:52pm comment via Blogger

You'd think, being 800' off the road - scratch that - a DIRT road that is one-way 78% of the year because the dippy -out- is covered/swamped with water (that people try to drive through and their little cars and get STUCK! but the bus drivers know better and say WooHoo! there's no way i'm coming down there to get your kid), would deter people from traveling down our driveway. First, there really can't be that much traffic down our road. Second, the traffic that is coming down our road we'd assume had somewhere down the road to go, I'd coin it "Purposeful Driving" even. Third ... Really? People? STAY OFF OUR LAND!
So one of the reasons that we got this land, one of the things we prayed that we could do when we bought this land, is to share it with other people. And I still hope we can do this, but with the trouble that we've had so far with others coming onto our land when we're there, we wondered how many people were trespassing when we weren't there.
Before we laid paid bucko bucks for the driveway, there was a littler amount paid for a 2-track. On this 2-track we had 1. our neighbor's son's friend get stuck in his 'burban off the side of the 2-track. they did not clean this up, in fact, we just ran over the shovel tuesday night and scared the crap outta me that we broke our transmission. 2. someone dumped 2 broken lazyboys and a broken plastic lawnchair. ... 600' off the road, down our 2-track.
Then we paid for the driveway. And for this reason, I am very protective of our driveway. Did you know, Driveways are NOT cheap? even Gravel? Since we the driveway has been in we've met 1. a jeep of unknown origin "checking it out", 2. a quad and dirtbike "We thought a subdivision was going in back here", 3. a man on a horse "Just checkin' out the barn", 4. a person who formerly hunted on the property "Seein' what your doin' back here". 5. our nieghbors dog, who ate a chicken and scared the eggs out of another (really, she doesn't lay anymore), 6. our neighbors daughter, visiting the horses. This is all while we've been at the property (and the ones i can remember, i'm sure there's a couple more i'm forgetting) - and we are there 2ish (sometimes more, sometimes less) hours a day. So, our question has been, How many people are taking liberty to trespass onto our property when we aren't there? How many are we missing?
We wouldn't be concerned about other people being back there, except for the liability that surrounds having farm animals. And that (this may be pessimistic thinking, i apologize) people often on quads, dirtbikes, and other similar items are often looking for mud to mess in. And that we have these animals to protect as well. If something happened to the baby, when born, I'd be SO upset. If they ran over a cat? chicken? let the horses out? the list goes on...
Hence the gate. No, it's not locked. And yes, there are (many) ways around it, yet if people really want to get back there, they will no matter what we do. We're thinking the gate will at least announce that this is private property. Hopefully, someday, we can modify it to look more welcoming, but most likely not until we're living out there full-time.
Wow. Long answer for a short question. Bet no one else will ask a question for a while!

Our New Couches Living Room Stuff

W received notification late last week that my Grandmas house sold. Yay, and it meant we could pick up the coordinating chairs to our fun vintage couch.

Adalynn walked out of the bedroom this morning, saw the new chairs, and said, "Wow, these are great couches!"
Yes honey, they are. But here in America we call them chairs.
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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Welcome Chicken Little!

Sunday we met a very nice family that showed obvious concern for one of their chickens. This sweet little hen wasn't meshing well with their other chickens, so they wanted to find it a home with, oh, less then 23 others to gang up on it?

They responded to T's craigslist as offering shelter for displaced GR chickens, completely disclosing this chickens downfalls...she is molting, may/may not lay, and is somewhat odd in appearance. T, being the kind hearted soul he is, said yes. I had to be talked into it.

Nonetheless, we are happy with our new resident. She is sweet and settling in well. Adalynn is infatuated, and has named her Marge...a spinoff from one of Nanas hens, also named Marge. But as the name fits, we'll most likely keep it. Welcome, Marge! May you lay lots of scrumptious eggs and live a long, healthy life!
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Friday, September 10, 2010

Back to the fair, the Allegan County Fair!

It crossed my mind that this summer, although I'm passing along my love of horses to my children, they don't know the whole story. And it's imperative they know the whole story. One day. This most certainly wasn't that day, but taking them to the Rodeo tonight was a decent start. And I have to say, the apples don't fall far from the tree.

I tell T that I'm boxing up the many times I've watched the kids while he's sailed these past summers. One of these days I'm gonna cash in. For real.

Then again, if I have my way I'll have a couple of tagalongs at the shows.It's a confidence building strategy: never leave home without the entourage.
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Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Entrance

Some people call it overkill, we call it "Gittin our point across".

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*please continue to feel welcome at our country establishment. in no way are these signs meant to deter people we love.*

Happy Birthday T!

Today in history a great man was born. One who grew to love the Lord and his family, one we are very proud to call Husband and Daddy.

And we will forever know today as the day we secured the FarM...well, until I slide into the cable some dark winter's morn. But, for it's a rugged and grand entry.
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