Sunday, May 31, 2009

Successful Transfer

We moved Kelsey to a spot north of Grand Rapids today that, to Kelsey, probably feels a lot like heaven. Kelsey, having forgotten that she is a horse and occasionally needs to work and behave, gave us a little trouble getting into the trailer. I don't really blame her, I think she was tring to remind me that she is a horse and therefore entitled to grass every once in a she tried to pick up pieces of it every chance she got. (poor patch and kels had been taken off the grass pasture for the last couple of days...they've been eating it faster than it's growing.) So after 20min of hard work outside, Kels decided that resting inside of the trailer was better than working outside. Smart mare. Gotta say, making the 2horse trailer into a 1horse seems to have made all the difference for her. She trailered great there, no falling/kicking/scrambling that we dealt with when we first got her. (i told trav i'm sure that it's because kels feels so much more secure having two working trailer lights. he agreed.)

So yes, this very nice gentlemen has allowed the very nice girl who is leasing Kelsey to keep her there for 2-3months. She will be with one other mare, but the other mare hasn't arrived yet. There are other horses to keep Kels company within eye distance. Honestly though, I don't know that she really cares. You'd think she hadn't had a square meal in days the way she went to town on the grass.
So we worked with Kels a little to show off how she moves. Just a little lunging to get the day going. Kelsey was relieved to get back to the grass.

Except for the fly mask. I'm pretty sure she flicked me off when I put it back on her.

...and We're Back!

I have a confession...we've had the computer back in good working order since Memorial Day. And I've been selfishly indulging in searching forums, browsing Ebay, perusing Craigslist....but I haven't touched the blog. Until this morning. Seriously, at 6am, what a better time to start? I have taken the leap, jumped the jump, and now, you too will once again be advised in what is going on in our lives. I know, you can hardly wait and are peeing your pants in anticipation. Just Hold On.

Why Now? Humor me. Here's a synopsis (like it or not, sorry) of our life since Memorial Day Weekend.

Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend: Travis, Adalynn, and I visited Peerebooms, our local plant experts, and bought our garden stock and perennials to landscape the garage. (Trav had to have these lovely tall, green stalks with fan-like leaves called "King Tut". They're great, they really are. Have to see them.) My mom came down, and we planted. And planted. And planted. And I was exhausted.

Sunday, Monday: I worked. Totally exciting. And, once again, exhausting. Thank you, Trav, for taking care of the house.

Tuesday: Oh, we both worked.

Wednesday: what did we do? Ahh...Trav worked from home and monopolized the computer. Seriously! Like he has to make money or something. (just kidding...)
Thursday: more work. Are you seeing a pattern here?

Friday: Errands. We visited the barn where Kelsey will soon ( be transferred to spend her summer. Hit up Sonic for lunch, and then visited Menards. A fire started in a house in Wayland and Trav left to save the world. He got home just in time for his mom, John, and Naomi came down for dinner for a waaaay belated Mother's Day. The girls played in the sandbox on the deck...gotta tell you, Adalynn's talented. Somehow she managed to get more sand in her diaper and sticking to her scalp then what is remaining in the sandbox. It was a gritty bath.

And Deb, you'll be excited to know that Travis and John fixed the fan in the stairwell. It now works, independent of the light. Travis was SO ECSTATIC!

Saturday: that was yesterday. (just organizing my thoughts. this second pregnancy is harder on the brain than the first one). We traveled to the big town of Shelbyville. With Ed and Deb on a trip out west Trav is manning the car lot. Adalynn and I got a bunch done though, cleaning Kelsey's blankets and shipping boots in prep for today.

Once home, Trav got caught up in the lengthy task of Figuring Out Why the Trailer Lights Wouldn't Work. Now, the trailer is completely rewired, and we (well, he) discovered that the trailer has brakes. huh. who'da known.
Last night: 1:30pm - a big house in Wayland burns down, and Leighton is sounded out. He finally gets home at 5:30 this morning...I'm up. Currently, he's sleeping. But I'm showered, and writing a blog. I've gotten the paper, let out the dog, taken a shower, relaxed with Adalynn. Arg. I know it's going to hit me later.

So, today we're headed to take Kels to her new summer home...I'm almost positive. Here she'll be ridden and get to eat GRASS...just like a Horse should live! I'm excited for her. And soon, I'll post more pictures of what we've been doing since we've been off...fascinating stories of bathroom remodels, sailing in Holland, and more. You can't wait, can you? Me neither, me neither.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's a Sad, Sad Day.

As of today, this blog is taking a vacation, just until mi Papa performs surgery on the non-psychotic computer. I feel really bad about the recent neglect, and I don't want it to continue. The blog deserves better than that. And trust me, when Mr. HP is discharged from the hospital, nothing will stop the blog-ness! I just hope it's in time for the baby... :)
So, friends, we'll catch ya on the up-side.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mutti, Mother, Mom, Mumsy, di Madre

doesn't matter how you say it...

Monday, May 4, 2009

New Week, New Name

I'm pulling Jolene down a day early. It's rating mediocre, and life is too short for mediocrity. The last couple of days Travis has searched the baby book looking for other names that we might consider naming our precious child, and the one we both are contemplating is "Gwen". I'm thinking "Gwen Elizabeth Masselink"...with a name like that, she's sure to be a GEM of a child. HARDY-HAR-HAR. Com'on, it was a really bad pun, but at least snicker for me?
In preperation for this child we pulled down some of our baby stuff from the attic not too long ago. I brought the swing inside to save it from Travis' wrath in the garage. At first, Adalynn gingerly placed one leg inside the seat and tried to swing her tush around to sit down...but now she's getting the picture that it's "Baby's Swing" and likes to push her babies in it. Sweet child. So this past weekend I constructed the pack'n'play with the bassinett and changing table. We hope to get Adalynn to forget about this stuff, or at least play with her Babies on it, not herself. But after 15minutes of playing the pack'n'play and not being able to climb out, she figured that maybe it's not that fun after all and really hasn't touched it since. Yes, I'm sure this will change once another being is taking up residence in those objects, but oh well. It's good entertainment for Adalynn in the meantime.
Hope everyone had a good weekend. Back to work, back to work! Grrrrrr......

Friday, May 1, 2009


is a WUBBY making day! Yay!

Celebrate Friday. Embrace it. It's Here!!!