Sunday, February 9, 2014

January: Come and Gone...

I think these pictures are somewhat in order of occurrence....maybe...nope, they weren't, but I got them there.
Ok. So a few (maybe 3 weekends now?) I took the kids ice skating at Aunt Amy's backyard. Yes, it was 3 weeks ago because it was just before we got the flu, and infected their family with the flu.

J loved 'playing' hockey. For him, this meant missing the ball 2-3 times with the stick, then picking up the ball and throwing it. 

Honestly, I can't get over the knowledge that a naked tush used that seat in the shower. I realize it was a long time ago and hopefully many cleanings, but still, the knowledge remains. Either way, K loved getting a free ride on it (and if there is a free ride around, that girl will find it!).

A got her sea legs. And by sea legs, I mean ice legs. She rocked that ice. Way to go girl!

Last weekend we moved a horse. We had loaded Grimmie first, we weren't sure how the other horse would load alone, and then took Grimmie and the other horse for a ride. When we got home I thought about leading Grimmie up, but didn't, because really - how much of a difference would 1000# make? Famous last words? We drove 3/4 up the hill and then slid back down...tried once with the Expedition and a weak rope to pull it out of the snowbank, then left it for the night. The weather warmed a little overnight, which didn't help the icy snow on the driveway. In the morning Levi drove his tractor over and helped Trav pull it out. My lands, that tractor pulled the trailer and truck around like nothing from side to side. A little scary, if I do say so myself. We'll wait for spring to bring the trailer back home...

That same day we picked up the kids from Opa and Oma's house. We made them (and us, we're not that mean) walk up the hill to save the truck from sliding back into a snowbank. Not so sure Levi would have liked that call...

In all though, it has been a beautiful and needed winter. And for me, I'll take the snow over mud any day.

Thank goodness for snowblowers and Opa's who lend (or drive) their snowblower freely. We wouldn't be making it through without them.

Hope y'all are staying warm!