Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's dryin' - and there be no cryin'

Yes, this is probably overkill, this many pictures for a generic concrete floor. But - Ahhhhh - it's a beautiful thing. I opened the house this evening after the doors and most windows being shut for the past 2. And it was a sweaty-hot day. And it was pretty cool inside. Not cool like I-need-a-winter-coat cool, but like I'd be totally ok in there on a day like today. And with my shoes off? Ahhhh...feel the coolness of the concrete! Anyway. Here are some pics.

And peeps, this is a no-threshold, no-barrier shower. Rock it. - no wait - Smooooooth it. That's right.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

FarMin' some ConcreTe

Not really true. I, nor did T, FarM the concrete. But, it is there! The boyz worked quickly - in at 7am and pushing out the door a couple hours later. 
I arrived at the house at 8:30 and saw this:
(siding done on the front, with just a little to go on the east side)

And....a lot of trucks and other machinery that I won't even attempt to name. It would be really embarrassing, since I've learned what I do know from Dr. Seuss books. Anyway.

Inside they had poured all the way to the great room. I snuck up the basement stairs to take a peek.

Mmmmmm....sweet slurpy concrete.

Covering the infloor heat....can't wait for toasty toes this winter!

Filling up my mud room...

Can't go in and take pictures until tomorrow morning. This has to dry for 10-14 days before a beautiful deep earthy brown coating will cover this, which is technically gypcrete. Not concrete. But close enough.
That gives me just enough time to figure out how we're going to hang this

 on my master bathroom wall without taking the entire wall down the first time K hangs from it. And get all first coats of color up. And install the electrical.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happy Infloor Heat Day!!

It seems like just yesterday that T was helping the guys lay the infloor tubing in the basement. Today it was the main floors turn. And tomorrow? Hello concrete! We get the first layer of main floor concrete. And I can't wait!

Monday, June 25, 2012


Thursday through yesterday (Sunday) we painted. And painted. And painted. Went to church, then painted some more. God placed people at specific intervals to come help; just when we were thinking of taking a break fresh hands would show up. God is good! And many thanks to you who did help, you were a HUGE blessing!
So here's how it worked. By the end of Friday, the house was primed. Friday evening T and I rant into the Home DePot to pick up the interior paint color as well as the girls. Saturday we tackled layer 1 on the ceilings, which are a beautiful Asiago color.

The girls really enjoyed painting. Here's a "Before" picture:

This totally displays my 2 girls' personalities. Cracks me up!

J alternated between sleeping in this nifty wagon, being held, or hanging out in his bouncy seat. Such a good kid!

This is a totally dark, unedited picture. T and our brother-in-law, Scott, are painting the mud room with the first coat of Organic Garden.

The main bathroom is a bright yellow, Cornmeal.

The first coat of Oatmeal-something is on the girls' walls (which will be alternated with Wild Strawberry), and the great room is cut in with the same color.

Our bedroom is cut in with Smoked Oyster, a rich color which will soothe us to sleep. We hope.

Color choices and placement are complements of my sister aka awesome-interior-designer-minus-degree-she-should-be-getting-paid-for-this (but for my sake, I'm thankful she's still at amateur status). I was having a hard time visualizing the house and breaking up the rooms to where color should (and should not) go. She rocked, bringing out color swatches and spending a morning helping to figure it all out.

The exterior is coming along too. It's starting to look like a house!

Thursday, June 21, 2012


My arms are so sore I can barely type. So please excuse any typos. 
Today, the FarMHouse looks like below. It's evolving!

Concrete front porch.

Siding on the back and west side. There is also a concrete pad in front of the 7' door now.

Front of FarMHouse.

Great Room primed.

Mud Room primed.

Jase's Room primed.

Loft primed (and girls' room readied for primer).

Main Bath primed.

Concrete poured for shower floor (not done today, but is still AWESOME!).

PS. It was recently (June 9 to be exact, happens every year) our 5 year wedding anniversary. I have to brag on my gift. My dear husband got me a COW. No joke. And I am ecstatic. I could actually not think of a better anniversary gift. Thanks a mil hubs!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


This is how the big K rolls...


The kids and I just returned from TN with my dad and L where we visited my brother. He is interning at my former workplace there. It was a great visit! Here's a short summary...

On the way down we broke up the drive in Brown County, IN. Great state park, fun town - go if you have the chance! 
Before dinner the kids had to trial the playground. We aren't quite sure what A and K did to it, but this one was closed the rest of our visit. Yikes...Keelyzilla is just a nickname...she might be taking it too seriously!

The state park is littered with awesome views. Winding down the 4 mile long road to the campground once in the park, on each side of the truck we saw this:

God's handiwork is breathtaking!

Wednesday night we ate at the Muddy Boots Cafe. Rustic aura, live music - and they have games for the kiddos to play while waiting for food. Definite plus!

Thursday morning we attended the state parks Nature Center, and learned a lot about pond life. Since A's current fascination centers on frogs, she was super excited to see tadpoles in real life.

They learned about pond life that sustains itself, as well as the pond life that feeds off of other animals. Quite interesting.
After, we drove into the town of Nashville, IN and toured the city. Full of unique and fun art, and good handmade ice cream. Baby J proceeded to poop on everything I had brought, prompting a quick dash to clothe the naked baby.

Wednesday afternoon we traveled into Columbus to see L's cousin's family that we discovered lived down there. Her cousin's daughter just had a baby girl 7 weeks old. J thought that was pretty sweet. 
The playland at the Commons where we met was a bit frightening (read: very tall structure), but awesomely free. Look closely, there's A at the very top in the blue rectangle! My brave girl...

Soon afterwards, K thought she'd try it. Turns out she's not so keen on heights...

Friday dawned warmer and grew into steamy hotness. We drove to Nashville and took a dip in the pool at the campground. It felt heavenly.

But it was even better to see Ryan!!!

We love this boy :)
Saturday morning we woke up early and traveled downtown to watch Dad, L, and Ry run the Dash for Dads - a fundraising 5K for Prostate Cancer. Ry, bless his heart, forgot his shoes and still ran a stellar race. Congrats on the 1st, 3rd, and 4th place age group finishes! Y'all rock!

After nearly cutting K's toe off in the stroller wheel (really just a slight scratch, but enough to scare me), and some awesome arm art, we returned to the campground for showers. 
Saturday afternoon we traveled back to Nashville to eat at McDougal's Chicken. Super hot outside, but gnawing on a thick chicken sandwich on the patio was a treat. I will admit, I'm not sure what was hotter - the Buffalo sauce on my sandwich (Mmmmmmmmm.....!!) or the temp outside. I think my nose started running.
Afterwards we shot over to Centennial park to see what was hopping. An art fair and music fest in the park, of course!

3 clay figurines and 3 lost balloons later, we met Ry's host parents for dinner at their house. We ate nummy pulled chicken and scrumptious cold corn salad stuff (need to get that recipe). His host parents are super sweet, and the girls loved playing house while the adults talked.
Sunday - HAPPY FATHER'S DAY and HAPPY BIRTHDAY RY! we attended church with Ry. Quick fun fact: the church he's attending is on former lead Newsboy singer grounds, and former former plantation grounds. Love the history around Nashville.
Sunday lunch we met up with my dear friends Tiffany and Colin, and for the first time met their now 2 year old daughter C. Can't wait to see your baby boy in October, and it sure was good to see you guys!
Sunday afternoon we tried to come up with something to do. The Hermitage was too expensive for 2 hours, so we toured the gift shop and went on.

The Opryland Hotel was a definite hit.

Ry and I returned at night to see the sights in the dark. We sat in on a musical fountain. I love musical fountains. Find them mesmerizing, for some reason.

Well Ry, it was grand seeing you. Can't wait until you're back in town, but we are so glad we got the chance to visit you down there!
Baby J is glad to be home I think, but he misses his Uncle. I know, he told me.