Friday, November 7, 2008


Here's an update on Life with the Masselinks. I know it's been a while...but hey, shush it, we've been living, kids.

We're slowly settling into life as horse owners. Well, I am, not SO sure about T yet. But we went to talk to some neighbors about buying their hay today, and T. said to Dar, "Even though this isn't my horse, and I don't even like horses, I'll bet that I'll be the one getting the hay.". I don't think that's true though, I'm pretty sure T has a secret crush on Kelsey. How do I know? Adalynn and T will come to the barn and hang out during chores, he helps out, and even walks beside while Adalynn rides. He's very supportive.

But, enough about him. I so wish that we had pictures of Adalynn riding, but since she's not super safe (understatement) yet, he walks while I lead and there's no one left to snap a picture. It's quite amusing though...Kelsey was being a bit pushy on the ground while I was leading her...until T brought Adalynn in...she settled right down and was the nicest, best-behaved mare ever. Silly girl. There's hardly even picture of me riding, as the "inagural ride" was done at 6pm (after daylight savings time) and the sun was not cooperating with us. So, Kyle brought out the Halogen lamp, but it didn't really help. Halogen lamp, really guys?

We're treating her for thrush, but it really doesn't seem to bother her much. Have rode her a couple of times...oh, I missed it so much! She's doing quite well walk, trot, and canter...and the neighbors told us today that we can ride the trails around their farm that go back to Green Lake. I'm totally excited and can't wait. (except, of course, now the weather is going to get crappy again. No, Michigan, No!)


Had a blast at Halloween. Quite a lovely blast. Rennae, Jerilynn, Amie and Eddie, and all the offspring gathered at our house for a fun night out. Mom came down early and we snapped a couple of pictures of Adalynn in her "Cotton Candy" costume.

We ate Dirt Cake, Ghoul-ash, and Candy (of course). Then we trick-or-treated up the street. While we only went to 10houses, we walked past a lot more. Adalynn traveled fantastically well in the red wagon...and the Allegan Police canvassed the neighborhood and handed out glow necklaces. That really rocked my world. I have never seen that before, but what an awesome idea!

Then, we caravanned to Fire Station 1 for donuts, cider, and playing on the fire trucks. But I don't have pictures of that because I stink. (not literally, i just forgot my camera).

And that's about it. Quite successful, except Travis was dissapointed in the amount of loot we gained. He said next year he's taking Adalynn and they're coming back with a truckful. Imagine


And the garage. Can't forget that. But, I'm going to leave you trembling in the suspense of the progress we have gained as I don't have UTD pictures. That Bill is quick! As soon as I've caught up he's further along. I love it. Adios Amigos.