Sunday, October 21, 2012

Harvest Fest!!

So, if you remember (anything like other campers at the TC State Park do), you'll know that last year we camped at Harvest Fest and dressed up as "The Hungry Caterpillar"...and brought home the first ever 1st Place group award. Winning a gift certificate for 1 hunger filling 16" pizza, for the dozen of us to share. This year we returned, once again victorious. We rocked an enchanted forest like no other forest has rocked before, and that ain't no pun either.

Cast of Characters: Trees, Forest Goddesses, Fairys, and G-nomes

Trees, hangin' loose with their kind.
I have to give props to my sister. She worked really hard on these trees, and they turned out amazing. Lets just say, we found out why people don't often dress up as trees. It's really hard!

Homeschooling on the go - the Salmon were climbing upstream, it's spawning season. We took a few walks and saw many Salmon, learning facts about Salmon, their habitat, and life cycle along the way.
I don't know if it's good or bad that I had to Google it while in the field. I feel like I cheated...but I didn't want to miss the opportunity! And Adalynn soaked it up like a leaf. (sorry, couldn't resist).

Adalynn, bless her heart. She cut out (herself, the girls' did amazing cutting on their own pumpkins this year. they're growing up so fast! *tear*.) two teeth, and then another. Below is how it finished. Which, if you know A, (and A, I say this with the most love in my heart a Mama can), it's just ironic. That's all.

The group carved some amazing pumpkins this year.

Ryan couldn't get over the novelty shots...I have some amazing flip photos of him falling demonstrating the age old question, "If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around, does it make a sound?". And here, a tree in a tree.

Baby J loved the acorns hanging off the "trees".
Henry kept asking kids, "If I have acorns, what kind of tree am I?", as random kids would come up and touch his "limbs", so they called them. Rarely could anyone tell him what kind of tree he fact, one answered, "Pine tree?". Um, no. 

It goes without saying, but J was the Cutest G-nome Ever!

The Hugging Tree!

And one of our trees met his demise with a woodchopper along the way.

Super fun times, fam.