Monday, July 29, 2013

It's July, right?

Seems like this summer is going fast. Thought it might be time for an update on happenings with our summer.
Gman went to training in May. He came home the Monday we got back from vacation. I am so glad to have him back, he's an awesome, light horse to ride and he's doing GREAT.

Kgirl turned 4 while on our vacation. She got to pick out her sweet pink cake.


For our vacation, we went with my dad and that whole side of the family up to Voyageur National Park and stayed on a houseboat for 3 days. It was awesome.

These are kind of old pictures,  from about a month ago, but I love them enough to show them. Mel the wonder horse is the one horse out of the 4 currently at our house that anyone can ride. She tolerates the young'uns well. Both of the girls love horses, try so hard, and are doing a great job! A was the first to be able to get Mel to ride away from anyone standing near, and without a leadline. She worked hard to get to this point, not that Mel would be bad, just that she decided that standing next to people standing was preferable to working.

On Saturday the big K was riding, and (I'm sure not influenced by the girls' recent addition to Horseland, the Saddle Club, and many, many hours of playing horse both with play horses and on their 'pretend horses - bikes and scooters) she says to me, "Mom, run?" "No, K, not run". She asks again, with the same response. Finally she goes, "Mom, trot?" "Yes, that's fine". She is my daredevil, and doing a good job of getting Mel into a trot and bringing her back down to a walk. It's hilarious to watch her though, her little legs barely reaching down below the saddle, and when she kicks her right leg flexes and extends with good force while her left secures her against the saddle. 

So, that's about where we are at. Still not in the house. And honestly, I can hardly comment on that right now as I vacillate between having strength and being ok with living in a 35' travel trailer with the 5 of us and knowing God is in charge and all will come to fruition, to getting frustrated with the multiple errors, setbacks, and other issues that are rising the longer we are out of the house (mouse poop and moist close-to-moldiness on our stored boxes in the back of the basement, really??). But anyway, despite being somewhat (ok, probably really) anti-social, we're hanging in there, and hope that y'all are having a great summer!