Monday, March 21, 2011

FarMin a Swing, Swing!

As anyone who lives in Michigan can attest, this past Saturday convinced us Spring has arrived - and gave us hope that someday warmer, dryer weather will appear. Then Sunday happened, and the weather was surely consistent with Michigan Spring Weather...a mix of rain, sleet, and snow with wet-cold written all over it. bummer.
So what day do you suppose the FarM picked to install a swingset? Sunday! Of Course!
T, the girls' and I drove over to the FarM about 11 (we missed church because the girls' have colds...this weather SO helped...not...) and cooked out for lunch.

At least it didn't rain during while we were cooking...

Improvisation - the name of the game. Good thing that anything tastes good over an open fire. We made Tonkas (aka Hobo Pies) with tomato sauce, seasoned ground beef, and the occasional string cheese standin for real cheese (which i forgot in the fridge at home). And accompanied this hunky sandwich with homemade AppleSauce.

I didn't find the PAM until after the first Tonka was toasted. It takes a little bit to get into the swing of camping again, gimme a break.

The second turned out well. And the third. And then we ran out of bread...oops!

It didn't matter too much, soon the swingset arrived. For Christmas Opa and Oma bought the girls' swingset stuff. We are super excited to have this out there for them. They have been such troopers this winter, hanging out while we feed and clean.

Marshmallows amused the girls while we constructed.

And it's up!

In lieu of a working circular saw, why NoT use a chainsaw?

So pretty! The slide is still coming, as well as a climbing wall for the far side, some rings for the middle, and a rope climbing net (or something) for the near end. But the girls (and mommy and daddy) now have swings and steps! And with a swingset this size, they'll grow into it for years!

Eventually we'll probably line it with trees and fill it with sand, or something of the sort. But for now, the surrounding mud will lessen a fall. Thanks Opa and Oma and Uncle Ryan!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Our House is for Sale and other trivial tidbits

So, it's been a little busy around the M household. T took a trip to KY with some friends for a long weekend, leaving the girls, FarM and I to fend for ourselves...about the same time that Grimmie decided to get hurt, the water pump at the barn broke twice, I picked up extra hours and work, and I was trying to ready the house to put "For Sale by Owner" signs out front.
Anyway, everyone lived (by the grace of God) and we are doing well. T is in classes for his basic EMT certification, A is in gymnastics, and K and I are hangin' out and lovin' life.
Since I have been saying for the last ... oh, 2 years? that I would show pictures of the house (particularly basement) once done, I thought today is the perfect day to make good on those promises.
The outside of our home, sweet home.

Living Room:

Girls' Bedroom:

Master Bedroom:

Master Bathroom:

Dining Room and Front Hallway:


And that's the upstairs...except for pictures of the girls' bathroom, but it's just that - a bathroom with a tub. And no windows, so the pictures turn out notoriously horrible.
Onto the basement...all of the rooms down here turned out like giants built them. The laundry room and bathroom are huge, and the rec room is gargantuan. Really, no kiddin.
Laundry Room:

Bathroom: (that T loves, and in fact, has moved into)

Bedroom/Office: (with french door entry)

Rec Room 1: (note wet bar in the back corner)

and Rec Room 2: (note chalkboard wall on the right)

In all, our home has turned out well. We really enjoy the space, and if it was located on our 16 acres I believe we'd be a lot closer to perfect. But, reality is that the drive over to the property twice a day wears on the girls and I, and even T in the winter when all water is gone in the pasture, the water on the outside of the pasture is frozen and then after we've poked holes in the ice the water pump dies...or the hose is frozen...ah, the joys! I feel awful about leaving the girls in the car during feeding times. I know, right now, that we are ok where we are at and we are so thankful for this home that God has given us. But we also feel that God has big plans for our property, and we know that we want to share what God has provided us with as many people as we can. And grow animals, and share that. And grow vegetables, and share that. And we feel that God is behind us, helping and guiding us. So, in that light, we have posted for sale signs in our front yard and are praying. And we thank you for your prayers! We'll keep you updated, every step of the way!
(ps...which, for the tally, we have had:
1 person drive really slowly by ...
1 person e-mail ....
23 people view it through our QR code ...
i don't know how many people see it on Craigslist ...
and 33 people check it out on
just so you know i'm true to my word, i'll keep ya in the loop)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


the kids were grand. I took a half day off work to watch the kiddos and we hung out, man. It was sweet, they were cute and silly.
After baths, they need time to chill...

Adalynn experienced her first organized class last night (scroll down for more pictures), and I kinda felt like I was preparing her for her first day of school. A tear almost ran from my eye...but it didn't. But man, she looks so grown up and ready to go!

K is just my babe. She's a ham.

Gymnastics: My 'lil Tumble Bee.

What did K do? Be a ham. Seriously! She is entertainment at it's best.

Way to go girls, we're proud of you!