Saturday, November 28, 2009

Adalynn and her Baby

Someday she's gonna be one heckuva mother.

The sweet 'lil chip off the 'ole block.


Friday, November 27, 2009

Read the Fine Print.

While perusing Craigslist this morning, specifically the "Farm & Garden" section (we're regulars.), I came across this:

Grass fed beef for sale $1.79 per pound (North Door / New Salem)

Grass Fed Beef For Sale,
Happy Cows Come From New Salem and North Dorr
Raised on pasture, grain, and hay. Watered from an artesian well. No growth hormones. The meat is available in quarters, halves, or wholes. You may want to split it with some of your family members or friends. Hanging weight will be approximately 800 pounds per whole. Actual hanging weight will vary and will be given at time of slaughter. Our beef will be processed at Byron Center Meats in Byron Center, Michigan. They have a great, new facility. (only 2 year old) All of the meat will be processed into cuts per your request, labelled, vacuum packed, boxed up, and froze for pick up. You can check out their website at or call at (616) 878-1578
„P 1.79/lb. per pound hanging weight (includes butchering fee)
„P You pay processing cost at Byron Meats
„P $.45/lb. whole or half processing.
„P $.48/lb. for split halves processing
The beef animals will be ready starting in December through spring. We will need a $100 deposit when placing your order and full payment must be made before picking up your meat.
Contact: ........

I'm not gonna lie. Initially, I was interested. We are almost out of our beef from last year, we LOVED it, and want more. While we can't grow our own yet we would like to get another grass fed, no hormones, no antibiotics, BeeF. MMmmm.

Then I read it again, and this caught my eyeball:
Raised on pasture, grain, and hay.
ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? Grass-fed, yes. But not exclusively! And to title it Grass fed beef for sale, they are intentionally marketing to people who are searching for the "grass-fed" piece, who are aware of the benefits of exclusively grass-fed, healthy, happy meat. Mean People!

The Day After...

"Seriously...first, no turkey for us yesterday. And now this?!?"

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Keely accomplished a very exciting gross motor milestone. And, of course, we are obligated to share:

About the Closing

Keely really enjoyed the chairs.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We Did It!!!!



Thank you, God!

Are you ready for FarM?!?

Monday, November 23, 2009


Who would have known my husband was so deft and coordinated-like? I'm impressed. And supremely thankful for his strong grasp.
PS. No children were harmed in the making of this photo. In fact, it was quite the opposite.
PPS. CoW refers to Adalynn's current fascination for cows. The conversation went like this
Mommy: "Adalynn, what should we name this picture?"
Adalynn: "CooooW!"
True Story.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Monday's the Day!

to close on a 'lil 16acre slice of heaven here on earth. wow. i can't believe it's almost ours!
so please, pray for us, that God will do great things with us and this land. it'll be an exciting ride. hang on!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A 'lil bit more catch-up

Hokey Pete!
Keely is 4 months old. This means:
-she hands out smiles generously, when in the mood.
-she requires entertainment, preferably with rattles or by adalynn
-she is on a pretty good nap/sleep schedule, as long as monitored by mom. the inverse relationship between length of nap time and length of sleep at night is strong; not something to be messed with. (or she will wake up at two to eat. and at four. and at six.)
-keely's loves her crib for nighttime, but she really loves to takeover mommy's bed for naps. on her right side only so gravity assists her right thummers into her mouth.
-"the swing" will no longer pacify. only human arms will do.
-when mom gets her act together, keely will start on solids. that requires mom getting her act together though, it could be a while. but keely's impatient, and makes her wants and needs quite well known at the dinner table.
-the dogs ROCK! and one is required to laugh hysterically whenever they start to romp and roll.
-the car seat is NOT a friend. no matter what they tell you - they will buckle you down and never let you out. at least forever longer than you want to be buckled down for. NOT FUN. NOT COOL. DON'T FALL FOR IT.
-but, when in said carseat, crying will get you places you want to be.


is two.
This means:
-she can count to 10 with minimal assist, approximately 80% opportunities (-20% for lack of attention to task)
-she is 80% potty trained and wears big girl undies all the time except bed and naps. way to go, girl! (poops. those downers. they're tough to get in the potty.)
-she colors, with a static tripod grasp the majority of opportunities.
-she can draw a circle to command.
-she has slept in a toddler bed since approximately 16 months old.
-she has used utensils when eating since approximately 14 months old.
-she often voices numerous opinions about everything. STRONG opinions.
-she responds best to encouragement, patience, quiet listening, and praise.
-she takes off her socks and shoes and shirt and pants and undies. depending on the shoes she puts them on. and undies/pants, but often upside down and inside out.
-she has grown into a 'lil bit of stranger anxiety.
-"I DO IT!" has become a common sound around our house. after 30sec of trying, then "HELPING!" is requested. at mach 10.
-"Mommy, call Opa/Gamma/Nanna?" is a daily request.
-she helps with keely so well. whether retrieving or securing a paci, holding her hand while in the car, singing her a song, reading her a book, washing her in the tub - adalynn does it.
-she LOVES cindy, rocky, playing with cousins and friends, coloring, playing outside, and babies. she DOESN'T LIKE anything out of her control, washing her hair (although this is improving), pooping on the potty, going inside, clothes on her babies, and soup.

The Barn

Isn't it looking great with the fill graded? Ahhhh. It's a pleasure to the eyeballs!

A week ago now? we tripped over to the barn for Adalynn to ride, brush, and walk Cindy. (before the birthday party where she received a bareback pad and bridle. :) Travis took great pictures, so I am compelled to share.

Adalynn learned to turn Cindy (with help).

And to walk her. The poor 'lil pony - such a good sport! walked quietly by Adalynn's side, and allowed Adalynn to pull her around the dirt.

Keely enjoyed it. But it got cold. And she got sick of the confinement of the carseat. So, we brought Cindy back to the pasture, fed her dinner, and left for home.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

GR FireHouse: Revealed

One lone Thursday night a week or 2 ago, John and Rennae gathered us children for a dinner. Sans children.
So, after pawning off the 2 chillun's on my parents, we traveled down into deep GR to visit...the Firehouse...(point to a firehouse without a firepole still a firehouse? hmmm. it's debatable.)

It went like this: gather at One Trick Pony for apps. Stroll over to the Firehouse for dinner, tour, and firetruck rides. hehehe. Return to One Trick for dessert. Sounds like a winner to me! Thanks John and Rennae!

The newlyweds. Awwwww!

This is the table that the firemen eat at. Evidently, the table is a repurposed bowling alley.

Very, very cool. (hey mom, remember those plates? did you sell them to the fire dept?)

They even have their own glasses!

Thanks, chefs, for the tasty dinner.

After salad, the tour began.

With Firetrucks, and more Firetrucks.

Hola, Eddie and Amie!

We saw what firemen keep in their lockers.

Seriously, Pork'n'Beans and Shaving Cream? Ewwww!

More Firetrucks.

The secret sleeping quarters.

More Firetrucks!

The Top Secret Mask Repair Room: Enter at your own risk.

You may end up like this!

The extra Fire Truck room.

So big, that it required a stoplight! Not...

Weird fireman humor? "Let me draw you a picture" ... of a Kitty Cat? Com'on, if that doesn't scream FIREMAN!

Firetruck Rides! Jerilynn, Amie, and I rode first. ... Amie?


Those Firemen, they keep a cluttered truck! It's like they need to jump into their boots at a moments notice or something.

After a trip on the S-curve and a short, but oh so sweet, 'blip' of the sirens, we returned.

Hello, Firehouse!

After us Jeff, Eddie, and Travis rolled around GR. Not on the highway though. Only us girls are cool like that. So then John, Rennae, and Travis. And then I took this picture of them. And then I ran into the side of One Trick Pony. Not kidding.

And, after desert, this fabulous dinner with adult company came to an end. Thank you, John and Rennae. And Eddie, Amie, Jerilynn and Jeff - it was grand!

Monday, November 16, 2009

In an effort to even things out...

ooo! This one is all me!
I'm cute, sweet,

and teething...

Ah. This lil bugger here? Just outta my reach.

Where's the gas pedal on this thing? Maybe if I tug this way...

Nope. Oh well.
Hey, Didja know I'm 4 months old now?

Ooo! Pretty! Oh. Still. Just outta my reach.

This is exhausting.

Just kidding. I'm never tired of playing!

See ya later, 'tater.