Friday, April 27, 2012

FarMhouse Updates and More

Happy Friday peeps. The house is coming along. After the roof trusses and plywood went on early this week, the rest of the week was filled with framing the inside rooms and covering the sides. 

Walking in through the eastside (kitchen) door one now visualizes the kitchen and great room. To the right is the mud room wall (barely visible) and straight ahead (left to right) is an opening for the hallway, main bathroom, and french doors into the nursery/office/whatever-we-want-it-to-be room.

Standing in the hallway at the front door, looking through the wall at the main bathroom and the nursery/office/whatever-we-want-it-to-be room:

Standing in the hallway looking into the girls' room:

Standing in the girls' room looking out into the hallway:
(note the balcony above the bathroom (where T is standing) and closet. the windows framed above will be operating windows. and it will be openish (with railing) over the bathroom into the great room to allow for ventilation and heat from the wood stove in winter)

Standing in the southwest corner of the house - master bedroom - looking north at the master closet (left) and master bath (right):

Standing in the master closet looking out into the master bedroom:

Standing in the hallway looking out onto the great room (mud room on left):

And standing out in the pasture, humoring his mother taking pictures of him with her new-to-her camera:

Monday, April 23, 2012

Roof, Roof!

Today the roof trusses and sheeting (? plywood stuff on the trusses) went on. Very windy, but the guys got the job done with no casualties...that we've heard of yet...

Check out how the overhang will shade the upper windows (or where they will be) at 4pm this afternoon. That is supremely HOT! There's not much that excites me more!

 And tonight, the lil FarMhouse looks like this:

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Gardening, Landscaping, and Building - oh My!

On Thursday I tried to induce labor by spending the morning gardening with the girls.
It didn't work. 
But, we planted potatoes, white and yellow onions, and Rhubarb - yum!

Adalynn planted the white onions all by herself. I have approximately noted where the white onions ended up...I hope...but we'll have to be careful weeding, she's a creative gardener.

Also on Thursday the guys were out working on the house. Waiting on the roof trusses, which didn't arrive, but they got wood on the front, back, and current side walls (they are waiting to build the rest of the side walls until the roof is on).

I mentioned earlier that my sister and brother-in-law did some AWESOME landscaping a week ago. Here is the front entry:

And the extras that we put around the swingset:

Right now it's green, but the potential is mind-blowing.

Thursday night T and I drove back out to the barn to feed. T had to try out the master bathroom.

Friday rained, and rained, and rained. Then slowed down. Then rained some more. T and I walked around the mall, again trying to motivate this child to move out of my womb, while Bill tried to spot the weather clearing to put up the roof trusses. The weather didn't clear, the baby didn't come. So today, the house looks like this:

There are windows along the top front of the house too (7 to be exact, operating if you cared to know, and with a passive solar glaze - HOT!), but they aren't cut out yet.

Interior walls are being framed in. Directly ahead, slightly to the left is a hallway, and the girls' closet. Above the hallway will be a balcony, and to the right is the master bath and closet. The rest of the walls are waiting for the roof.

We spoke with Bill on Friday about the window in the girls' room. I had changed the placement on our plans to accommodate the bunk bed (which has drawers and stairs at one end; a pain to position), but forgot to pass along the message to the builder. Oops. Thankfully, he was very understanding and the window is now in perfect placement to coordinate with the bunk beds.

So no baby boy yet. It's odd going late, as I haven't with either of the girls, but I guess he's going to be a stubborn boy. I was quite perturbed by it last week and starting to grow worried that something is wrong, but God has spoken to me quite a few times in the past couple of days about patience (Love is patient - I Corinthians 13), not to be discouraged (Be strong and courageous, Don't be discouraged - Joshua 1:9), a daily verse-based prayer in a Beth Moore book today and T continuing to remind me that "God's timing is perfect". And it is - this house building, our house selling, the baby - everything has happened in God's perfect timing and relying on His timing has blessed us in more ways than we can count. So I give this baby boy and his timing to God too, He'll take care of it. And we'll let you know when He does!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

More Building!!!

Despite the stress from trying to ensure we are staying on budget and getting all of our t's crossed and i's dotted (preferably before they need to be), it's really fun seeing the house come together.
Yesterday we saw this...

When we returned this evening to feed we were presented with this sight as we emerged from the woods:

From this standpoint it looks HUGE to me! I mean, the front wall will be 14', but the entire house looks long and large. (and it is tall, but it won't be SO tall as it will be backfilled to the top of the concrete wall)
When I looked from the barn towards the house, I'm pleased with how the it looks with the trees and landscape.

The girls drew on the walls...yes, it will be covered, but they had a blast!

Woot! Woot! It's coming!

And no, no baby boy news (birthing anyway) at this time. Many thanks to Rennae for helping clean our current house today, we are so very thankful. And the fabulous pictures are compliments of my father's nice camera. Thanks for letting me borrow it!

Monday, April 16, 2012

More Building...

Last week Mr. Bill (as Adalynn fondly calls him, "My Favorite Guy!") and co. began framing the basement wall. I think Tuesday we were greeted with the following:

By Friday we had this! Which looks like progress (and it is), but really the floor trusses aren't secured down at this point.

The basement won't be finished right now, except for the laundry room (on the left) and the wall to T's workroom (see end of basement).

What I am missing pictures of is the awesome landscaping job that my sister and her husband completed at the entrance. They planted an amazing amount of flowers and even an ornamental tree. T says it looks professional; my sister and her husband have such green thumbs! They left a large amount of "leftovers" that they didn't use by the swing set for us to plant if we wanted...when we got to the property Friday night we oohed and ahhed over the entry way, and then our attention switched to the flowers and grasses that were left up by the swing set. T and I planted all we could by the light of the Taurus and by then it was too dark for pictures! We'll take some soon though, the flowers and garden area (tilled graciously by my father last week Wednesday) are really making it feel like home out there!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

As Haircut...

As been complaining about her hair hurting when we comb it so I asked if she wanted it cut...and she said yes...and wanted me to do it! I'm sure it's not straight, but it's cute!

Building has resumed!!