Thursday, May 15, 2014

March/April Random, maybe a 'lil late

Before you even waste your breath asking, no, there has been no little arrival yet. The doc said that next Wednesday is her deadline, if she doesn't come before, so we are hoping and praying that she decides to come on her own before then.
In the meantime, here are some recent-ish pics, in reverse chronological order (I think).

*The animals (how many and what kind are there?) are excited to be on pasture.

Unfortunately, this same day I took a video of Melody standing up, gimping horribly. Took her to the vet, and it appears that she has injured her Suspensory Ligament somehow. So she is on rest for a while, and getting the Princess Treatment to her legs twice a day. 

*Confession: Adalynn and I played hooky from church a week and a half ago and worked Grimmie and Susie. Adalynn did an awesome job with Susie, and I am so proud of how she is working with her to communicate better.

Grimmie, on the other hand, NEEDS A JOB. He's a hot mess right now!

*J turned 2 on April 30. Here he is with his (I think) favorite birthday present. He rocks it in high gear.

K and I cuddled with him on his birthday for a while. I love this picture of him. Makes me smile!

*Slimer the bottle calf arrived sometime around the middle of April. He is hilarious, if not a bit too friendly at times. He enjoys long walks (leashless), milk, and is growing his taste buds for fine grass (not of the opiate variety).

*Trav and I have had a day or 2 to work around the farm sans kiddos, which has been a blessing. We have gutted the barn from winter messes and it is currently on my garden, awaiting tillage. We've also moved the big pig into the woods, and now further into the woods, where she is rooting, hanging out, and hopefully growing piglets (we're 90% sure!) for an August delivery. T is her favorite.

*Easter morning:

We did finally make it into church clothes:

And then to Opa and Oma's for lunch, then Papa and Nana's for dinner. Good times.

There are more, but I don't have the energy to search through and upload right now. But yes, we are still around. Sometime soon maybe we will have a 4th addition to our family. Sometime soon we will add one more bottle calf. And T is done with his Tactic Team training, which is a blessing that it went well and that he is home on weekends now! More later, I think...