Wednesday, June 30, 2010

FarM a BarN DaY 3

This morning, the girls and I, after chores of course, drove out to the property to hang with the gang while they hammer and drill. Or hang trusses. Or whatever it is that they do.

We were greeted with a structure that looks more and more like a barn, every time I see it.

Adalynn munched on trail mix while I picked weeds in my barn.

And we played on a lovely, if not structurally sound, balance beam.

Oh the grin!

We even grabbed the tractor to trial a disc we bought a couple of weeks ago, but the tractor needed to charge and the disc needed a few more bolts or something before it will fully work. Soon though, it will be ready to roll!
We returned home and relieved Rocky from about half of his hairload, but after naps we'll be back at it!

Monday, June 28, 2010

FarM a BarN

We started out with this...

but after a lot of this...

and this...

...and this...

we ended with this...

Dad'gum, that's hard work! But it's comin'!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Past Poll..."What will be next for FarM?"

Answer: "Keely Walks!" ... albeit unwillingly sometimes and only up to 5 or 6 steps independently. But still, we didn't say "Keely will walk a 5K" or "Keely will walk without falling down for 5 laps around the house", that would make it feel too much like an OT goal. So, "Keely Walks" wins, kind of.
We're close to also having "A Barn" win...the barn materials are scheduled (yet again, hopefully for the final time) for this coming Monday, once the driveway is done (another story) and to be finished just in time for another FarM clan member to join (Peach, turns out, is 8-10mos preggo. Huh? Don't ask me, I don't know!).

A Weekend Trip to KY? Why not?

This past weekend we drove a quick trip to KY, complete with Grandma, Aunt A, cousins M and HJ, and Uncle R to meet up with other family, my cousin, who married her cowboy.

Mr. Groom refused to peek at his bride as the horse and buggy carried her by.

Uncle T and Aunt G accompanied the bride to her station.

The day was gorgeous, if not sweltering hot. But the space was perfect, just perfect, nestled in the rolling hills.
I'm done with describing...see for yourself!

We stood for an obligatory family picture.

Or 2...
The reception: held in the quaint barn behind the ceremony.

Fresh flowers adorned the tables.

And what would be a wedding without the cake?

Seriously, this about sums it up!

The girls danced for a bit, then we had to jet...the heat and travel wore them out (until we returned to the air conditioning that completely restored their energy...).

And somehow my camera was left at the reception. Note to self - NeVeR leave Aunt A with the camera! I end up with freaky pictures like this...AHHHH!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

To this Daddy - the Love of my Life and the fabulousest Father of my Children. We'll make it fun together!

And to our fathers - Opa, Grandpa, and Papa. Hope you guys had a restful, peaceful day. You deserve it!
Love Always! C, A, and K.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fire, FiRe!

This past weekend the Leighton Twp Fire Dept. held a training fire, burning an old farmhouse down to the ground. T created this awesome video about it:

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

This past Weekend

We traded our red couch for my grandma's vintage couch. It's made a difference in our living room, opening it up more. The red couch will find a new home in the basement, where lounging is not only advised; it's required.

Adalynn and I started a new project decoupaging pictures onto the girl's toy shelves. She learned that decoupage tastes ucky and leads to a mouth scrubbing, but overall we had fun.

Time outside.

Adalynn received a new/old bike from a lady at church whose kids had outgrown it. With Princess Helmets, who could say no?

And dancing shoes - 2 sizes each of tap and ballet shoes.

The smaller size fits perfect. Adalynn hasn't taken them off (except for outside and bed, of course) since.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I think I fixed it, but leave me a comment if it still doesn't work for you! (or, just cuz you love it!)

Adalynn Singing

Sunday we attended Opa and Oma's church, where Adalynn showed off her mad singing skillz. For a 2 year old? She did FaB! But, don't take my word for it...

Saturday, June 5, 2010

FarMin into June

When I think of our Farm, I think of connections. The sequence that led us to purchase this piece of land ... connection. The way we search for information about creating a haven for sustainable, local, and common sense practices, and how some doors open and some close - but the doors that open are Better than we could have Ever Imagined. That's a God Thing.
Anyway, to get the the point, Travis and I met our architectural soulmates yesterday. They said "energy efficient" and "out of the box" and I cocked my ear; they said "common sense" and building a "house that people can walk in and say ' of course this is T and C's house'" and T was hooked. Steve emailed me a link for the Rural Studio, and I fell in love.
We learned of Steve through my sister, he attends their church. Last week Steve left a standard architecture firm and joined with Jim. Yesterday they named their practice "Elevate Studio". They aim to "Dignify the Ordinary" and bring architecture back to it's basics using common sense practice, most importantly listen to the space and the people filling it and ... Care.
It sounds too good to be true, doesn't it?
We met at our house and spoke about the foundations of our project. We drove out to the FarM and toured our current proposed building space - directly in back, on the edge, of the woods where Steve, Jim, and T are standing. They are excited, we are excited - oh, the Places We Will Go!

The Latest in the World of Knits

Originally uploaded by FarMknits
At the Michigan Fiber Fiesta I found this fabulous Menonite couple who sells 100% Certified Natural yarn from their own sheep. I could not resist, and picked up a couple of skeins.
So, here's my first project with this lovely yarn. A 'lil boyish, needed something to balance out all the girly wares I've produced. But enjoyable knit, and very enjoyable yarn.
No, these were not knit for a member of our current or future family. Yes, they are sold! :)