Tuesday, March 4, 2014

February Random...

Like Daddy, Like Son...it's where J wants to be 24/7...


Are we on-the-go too much? Given J's desire to put shoes, coat, and hat on every single morning, even on my days off, I'd say so...(and yes, he always 'forgets' the pants, socks, and other appropriate outside-of-the-home attire. All boy!)

The girls have been a big help around the FarM and with baby J when T's gone for training.

1st ever school Roller Skating party. The girls were impressed. J would like to express his desire to be included in the action next time. He's not a bench sitter.

Came in the girls' room to this note one random day in Feb. A had transcribed for K:

Mama-made skirts.

They are growing up!

This, I guess, could go in March as A wrote this yesterday. But I think it probably pretty well sums up yesterday, the day before, the month before, and likely the next few months until I give birth. Sorry kiddos, I'm trying.

A, after her first 4-H function. Love that there's still a little girl inside of her big girl pants.

I know a lot of people are getting sick of the amount of snow that we have gotten. Unless you have farm animals, you may not think of the environmental implications of the snow height.
Such as farm animals.
What do they do when the fence is grounded?

Is that a cow in my yard?

Why yes, it is!

And in my back yard too? How could I be so lucky?

And pig, couldn't stay out of the action and had to come up to the house looking for food. Her poor 30" tall fence is literally buried under the snow. She stayed in it for a while still, but the cows showed her the 'free' way to live, and she could contain herself no longer.

And why is it that they always get out when T is gone for training? Yes, this pregnant woman loves to lumber after the 400# piggie to lure her back to her enclosure.
Not gonna lie, Flopsie had to wait for T to come home. Sorry T, but thank you, very much.
We did learn that she knows her name. And that if she starts to wander down the driveway toward the road, you can call her name and whistle and she'll come thundering back down the driveway to the barn. And the sight of a 400# pig responding to her name, grunting as she waddles runs down our snowy driveway made me laugh, I'm not gonna lie. Actually, just the image of it in my mind still makes me chuckle. She is the one being right now that doesn't make me feel large as a barge. And for that, she has a special place in my heart.