Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wednesday Night: The Late, Late Show

It started out not so very late.

Evening-ish, and Henry, Amy and the kids met T and I (and the kids) out in Holland. Being short-staffed, Henry and Henry John were asked to accompany the sailors, to which they readily agreed. Amy, Megan and I took the 'lil ones for a walk.

And Ginger...can't forget Ginger.

Megan and Adalynn played at the beach.

One clothed.

One naked.

Then it started to get late...

...and the first sailboats finished.

We waited for our boys to arrive...

...and waited...

...and waited...

...and waited some more...

This was the scene when they finally pulled in to the slip.

Not exactly daylight anymore, boys.

Henry John certainly looked the part, and I guess he experienced all facets of sailboat racing. The race started fast; with a great start, rolling waves and blustery wind galore. Almost 3 legs into it life slowed down...when the committee boat passed them with mark in hand and calling off the race, the wind speed measurer thing (can ya tell i don't sail?!) was reading "0.00 knots". i.e. "Going nowhere fast." Sounds like a night where Mother Nature is PMS'ing. Better luck next week, boys!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wacky Hair Wednesday

Since my mother-in-law passed these sweet 'lil puppies my way a couple months ago, they have taken up residence on my countertop, begging to be used. Are they not the cutest thing ever? Who could resist educational cookie cutters? PERFECT for a rainy wednesday.

So today, while the 'lil one snoozed, Adalynn and I baked sugar cookies. I introduced her to licking the mixer...she was VERY impressed. Takes right after her Mama. Please excuse her hair, that takes after her Mama too. It was early and we hadn't fully woken up yet. Fine, it was 10am. And yes, that IS early. SHUSH IT, IT WAS A RAINY DAY.

While the cookies set in the fridge, Adalynn wanted her hair done (thank God!). So, while standing on her stool, she kept me busy practicing my cosmetology skills. "Mo braids, Mama...Mo braid."

Somehow she stood fairly still while getting 1 big ponytail and braid, and 3 little braids. Seriously, are you sure you're only 21 months child?

And then we cut-out the cookies. Adalynn hadn't had the pleasure of making sugar cookies before, this was a first.

She caught on pretty quickly. Quite energetic, a little overzealous with the roller, but happy and effective.

Rollin'...Rollin'...Rollin' on tha river....(com'on, sing it man).

Minor issues with multiple placements of the cookie cutters...

But they turned out perfect, nonetheless. Super cute. Gotta admit though, I don't think Adalynn is too fond of sugar cookies. Took a bite, made a sour face, and said, "Mmmmm". Child, if you're gonna lie, you need a better poker face!

After a morning of thinking: Totally tuckered. Just the way I like 'em.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Double Dose of Keely

I feel mildly guilty that at this time in Adalynn's life I was dressing her up, posing her for pictures, soaking up life with a newborn, while I've carted Keely from here to there and made her share the limelight with her active and energetic (i.e. somewhat attention-hogging) sister. Keely, you will most likely thank me profusely when you see the torture Adalynn endured (like this. seriously, trav, what were you thinking? JUST KIDDING.)
So here's some pictures to make sure Keely feels the love.

Did I tell you that Keely has a twin?

Just kidding. Although the resemblance is striking.

Oh ja baby. Still holdin' on to her baby blues.


Tuesdays with Nana: Hudsonville Fair Ed.

Oh, the fair. I never showed in the fair, but I've got high aspirations for Adalynn and Keely. Go 4-H! Little do they know...

But not goats.

My daughter's will not show goats. Because I said so, that's why.

Tractors. You may show tractors.

I'm going to be a 4-H dropout. They won't let me through the doors.

Possibly because Adalynn's already been branded by the zoo, not an agricultural farm animal.

Oops, sorry child.

And Naomi? She's got the mark of rock'n'roll groupie/star. I can see it now.

What would a fair be without the midway?

Just some animals, no breath-taking-earth-quaking rides.

No artery-clogging treats. Arg. Poor Keely's going to hate me for this.

Sleep while you can, child, it won't last for too long.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

This is the Cottage...

...that my grandfather built.

This is the land and the lake upon which the cottage was built.

These are his children who love to enjoy the lake upon which the cottage was built.

This is some offspring of the man who built the cottage on the lake and the land that the children enjoy.

This is the wife of the man who built the cottage on the lake and the land that the children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren enjoy.

Wolthuis Reunion August 2009

Friday, August 21, 2009

Feelin' it Friday

I found this on accident, but I am now addicted. I cracked myself up reading this one, it is possibly one of the funniest things I've read since reading this and this. Good luck keeping your pants on.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Eyes to the North

There, I've said it. I'm behind. So far behind, that I just took in cloth diapers that I hung out to dry on a sunny day many days ago. Then had to leave out as it rained the next day. Then the day after that the sprinklers went off before I could catch it. And then it happened again. Finally, today, I have rescued the butt covers. Still. I have 452 pounds of dog hair on my carpet because it has not been vacuumed since last Friday. Mammoth toy mountains have taken over my living room. My tomato plants are spontaneously tipping over and my zucchini and squash have given up hope and are drying out. I kneeled in a pooplet yesterday, smudged it on the carpet...the carpet is clean, but my poor pants haven't been touched. Moral of the story? It is not a good time for an unscheduled visit. Give me a month's notice, please.

Some days it's a mini-miracle to get the kids dressed.

(I've planned on getting the girls pictures taken in the dresses Nana brought them back from a trip. Here's Keely. Adalynn's was off within 10min of walking through the door. It's white, you know. I didn't have the energy to pin her down and wrestle it back on.)

Others, we flee the chaos inside the house for a downtown destination.

(imagine picture here: Outside the Children's Museum - Glitzy mural on the wall. 2 little cherubs hugging, smirking at camera.)

The Children's Museum. Overstimulating children and parents alike, 1 soul at a time.

Another Error.
(imagine picture here. Something about kids running erroneously and Adalynn staring blankly. Poor child. She doesn't handle overstimulation well.)

It's kind of like meeting Uncle Ryan for the first time.

Not too sure what to think...

but you might as well go along for the ride.