Sunday, March 30, 2008

He's Home!!

So the ultra-adorable picture that I took of Travis and Adalynn at the airport was not SaveD, mostly because I was not SmarT and didn't have the card in the camera. Oops. But Travis and Ed arrived home safely from the wilds of South Beach, FL after a loooong 5 days away. (He was worried that Adalynn would forget him, but there was No way. She knew exactly who her daddy was and was all smiles and giggles, chatting him up as soon as she saw him). So what did I do? Put him to work. Right away. He fed Adalynn some carrots while I made peas for her dinner tomorrow.

He's a little pink. And has some fabulous tan lines.

Why is our daughter wearing glasses? "Because her future is soooo bright" in my husband's words. Actually, because we were trying on her new sunglasses. Aren't they super-cute?! Can't wait until the sun reappears so she can actually use them.

Adios. Just wanted you to know, Travis has arrived home safely.

Love to y'all. (just getting the draaaawwwllll ready for TN)

HaHaHa HaHaHa

Wanna cheer-me-up? Watch this... laughing baby. Gauranteed to crack you a smile. Adalynn liked it, we think you will too. :)

Saturday, March 29, 2008

It's ThaT Saturday Again

The one where us girls congregate for some nummy food and to chat, chat, chat. We ate, I *ConQueRed* Monkey Bread today. I beat it down-town and into the underground. It was hardcore. They entertained the baby girl (who went through 3 outfits in 4 hours). And we Wii'ed it up. It was grand.

Thank God for Sunshine!

Finally, today, could we go outside and not freeze our tushes! Adalynn and I (the dogs were NoT helping with this chore) cleaned up the yard (just as glam as it sounds). Then we roasted on a blanket, soaking up the sun.

I'm. much cooler than this hat.

What hat?

This hat. oh yeah....


So I not only discovered my child's inner model today, but my mom came over and we took a walk upon which we also discovered this:

A little hidden treasure on Green Lake (for resident's only, don't get any ideas sneaky people). Sweetness....neighbors told us about it last summer, but we didn't know the exact coordinates. But now we do. And we will use it...good thing we got the bike trailer for Adalynn last week.


**News Flash**

Intriguing (or not so much) update on Adalynn's expanding toy usage:

1. Exersaucer: She is now turning herself around and purposefully hitting the sound maker to hear a "moo", "roar", "quack", "wuf", or the names of the animals (it takes a lot of concentration)..every once in a while she gets lucky and it spouts out a song, then she gets really excited.

2. Talking Ring Stacker: She is pulling off the rings. It's genious, people. Pure genious.


It's gotta be the Vit D + sleep deprivation. I am wierd. or quirky?

Friday, March 28, 2008


I seriously need to take a lesson from my daughter. Here she is happily playing this morning, after a crappy night. She woke at least 3 times with the stuffies. I listened to the pattern over the monitor: 1. Sticking her thumb in her mouth, 2. Crackles of her trying to breath, and 3. a short Cry when she couldn't and had to pull her thumb out. Then she'd sit for a minute, and try it again. -tear- She's such a tolerant child. We only have God to thank for that, she did NoT learn that from her father or I.

I'm feeling a bit down today...1/3 sick and feeling bad about Adalynn being sick, 1/3 missing Travis, and 1/3 "ugh" because I haven't gotten done what I wanted to while he's been gone. And I had to cancel on running with my sister today because I feel "ugh" and Adalynn has taken long naps - I so just want her to get better. My guilt starts easy and runs deep. But, looking upon this day is Not anything Life Threatening and I think I just need a nap to put things in perspective again. Or at least it's a good excuse, right?

Monday, March 24, 2008


Holiday Traditions. Each one has it's own, don't they?

Growing up, we'd make crazy cards for my dad for Father's Day (and yes, we were in the paper more than once for these cards. twice, actually).


For Easter, it's fond memories of coloring eggs and attending the Sunday Sunrise Service at church. And generally wearing matching dresses with my sister. Some even home-sewn.
How's this? Cute, matchy-matchy dresses AnD a "Humungus" Card!

There's more matching dresses where these came from. However, de Madre has been keeping them hidden away. I will unearth them and put them on display sometime.

I am not *that* much like Susie Homemaker yet, to where I am crafting cute dresses for my daughter (although I did get a cute pattern for Adalynn clothes from Rennae that I may have to try soon...), and Adalynn and I haven't made Travis any crazy cards, but traditions have an important role. They tie generations together and definately make for memorable memories. We're slow to start, but here's some that will last for a while.


Some traditions are new...

One thing I love about my husband, he makes the most mundane tasks fun. Sunday mornings are No exceptions. Here's what happened when Trav dressed Adalynn for Easter. No, that is not a hat. Or a Cabbage Patch doll. It is Adalynn with her briefs on her head. And she's lovin it.


Us. We're so sweet. (looks are decieving, aren't they?) I want to begin to take holiday pictures of us as a family. I enjoy looking back on where we were, and reflecting on where we are now.


Some Traditions are set in stone...

A Borck Tradition.

Naps after dinner.

It's mandatory, and oh, so refreshing.


Easter baskets...

Of course! Where would we be without Easter Baskets?

Thanks Nana and Papa for the toys, stuffed animal, clothes and pinwheel. (The pinwheel is seriously cool. Adalynn is enthralled.) Thanks Papa and Mama Linda for the super soft Cow and book (and candy, Travis and I give 2 thumbs up). Thanks Grandma for the sleeper, I can't wait till she fits in it! (won't be long with the way she's growing!)


Easter Egg Hunts.

Grandma Borck had an Easter Egg Hunt each year for us, whether in Reed City or at her home. We'd find little candies, a quarter, and if we were lucky even a dollar in a big special egg with our name on it. Adalynn is not quite ambulatory enough yet. But next year we'll have to add this to the list.


Sunday morning Church.

We used to make a point to attend an Easter Morning Sunrise Service. Like at Christmas. when it is ritual to be at a midnight candlelight service, the Easter sunrise service is a sacred time of year. This year we couldn't make it to our church service...Sunday school only for Travis while I worked in the nursery. Adalynn is a bit talkative to sit through the service and still too young for the nursery. But, this will be a strong and solid part of our Easter mornings in the future.


At the heart of these rituals are our backstories, reminders of where we came from and clarifying where we are now. With each new Holiday and within each day, we use these traditions to help us deeply celebrate God's handiwork in our lives, for what He has done, what He is doing, and what He will do in the future.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Yah! I rock!! (a post by Adalynn)

I gotta make this quick, because I need to go to bed so I can be a terror during church tomorrow. (Mommy says it's a special day, Easter? I don't know, except that I have to wear my fancy-schmancy dress and we colored eggs at Nana's the other day, and Keagan and Nik and Caleb and Naomi and Nana and Aunt Amie and Daddy were being all loud and crazy-like).
Anyway, I just had to tell you. I like Avocados. And I ate a LoT of them today! (Well, a lot for me.) And they were nummy. I like to feed myself too. Mmmmm....

I took off my sock (well, my *babyleg*) earlier today for the first time. Oh, I never knew how much fun my feet can be! And they are right there! Always!

Uncle Ryan came over today too. It was good to see him. Even though he's really tall and kind of wierd, I think I like him. I think he likes the doggies more than me, but that's ok, they are more fun right now and they need love too.
Happy Easter Y'all!

Friday, March 21, 2008

A Good Friday

How ironic. It was a good friday, even though we didn't participate in Good Friday services this year. And it feels like saturday, don't know what ThaT's all about. Adalynn and I went to the Meijer Garden's with Aunt Amy, Uncle Henry, Henry John, and Grandma to see the 'flutterbies'. I think Adalynn enjoyed watching the butterflies flutter-by with wide eyes.

I think the humid air helped Adalynn's stuffy nose. (probably more information than you needed to know). I've gotta say, I was pretty impressed with the selection of butterflies. Big, small, short, tall, wildly colored, or naturally camoflauged. A couple of faves:

Look at that, you can even get your nature fix while reading our blog today! How lucky... Adalynn tried to get hers a little differently. By eating a tree while she was *supposed* to be smiling sweetly by a butterfly for a photo op. G'girl. (well, the security guard didn't think so, but what does he know?)


While Adalynn and I were out fooling around (and getting caught in the *lovely* snowstorm that blew in this afternoon), Travis hung out at home with Josh and Sarah. And they helped finish the drywall in the laundry room. Sweetness...a little mud and some paint and it'll be great.


For you bracket lovers in the peanut gallery: I agree, in a perfect world, Vandy and MSU would go further than I have posted. (Sorry, but Vandy would be #1 for SurE!) HowEver, my 2 FaVe teams are also wildly inconsistent - a frustration, but it also makes life interesting. I have ALL the faith in the WorlD in Vanderbilt's competance on their HOME court this year. But, they have played sadly on away courts. So, while I *hope* they travel onward and upward, I just couldn't push them farther than meeting Kansas. (and judging on how they're playing right now, they may not even make it that far. -tear-) MSU, well, I hope they keep playing strongly too (but really, all the way?!? You got some faith, girl!). Go 'dores and Spartans!


May the snow blow away. Today.

Brad's Bracket

Brad's Bracket
I was told to post this as our brackets were too "uninteresting".
(yes, but we actually predicted teams that are winning...hmmm....)

Play *tough* tonight 'dores!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Adalynn was introduced to the wide-world-of-food yesterday, starting with sweet potatoes. At first she wasn't sure, but she warmed up to the idea with encouragement and praise (she responds well to coercion...jk). After 2 bites she grabbed my hand with the spoon, helping it towards her mouth. I'm pretty sure it took longer to get her situated in the highchair (which she sat up in quite well, I might add) then it did for her to eat, but it was a strong start.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

March Madness Rocks

Travis' Bracket.

The Winner's...oops...I mean Cara's Bracket.


I don't know what we're playing for yet. It's still under debate. Last year it was for Adalynn's middle name (but then my grandma passed away and she was named after her. thank you Travis, he was a very gracious winner). Any ideas for this year?

The Wedding 3.14.08

Aren't they just the cutest ever? Here's some highlights...


Yes, this is the immediate family (Laura's Moms). Aren't we huge?


The Ceremony. Breathtaking.


And the flower girl and ring bearer?

A big hit. Very cute.


The Wedding Party.


The reception. Simply romantic.




Laura and Scott:

May God be with you and bless you.

May you see your children's children.

May you be poor in misfortunes and rich in blessings.

May you know nothing but happiness from this day forward.

We love you!

Monday, March 17, 2008

4 months old already?

happy st. paddy's day!!!

and wow. Adalynn is 4 months old today!

so unfortunately, it will be another day or 2 until the pics of the wedding are up. But, it is just so amazing how much our little girl has changed in 4 months. Yes, I know that all parents say that, but in the last 2-3weeks Adalynn has been taking off! Here's a recap...


One of the first pictures of Adalynn when we arrived home from the hospital was in our big red chair. Miss Chunkalunk doesn't look so tiny in it now!


Chug-Chug-Chug! Adalynn has upgraded to stage 2 bottles...

her favorite (and only) food is 1. booby milk and 2. formula.


She is on the move! Constantly rolling onto her side to change her view of the world. It's break dancing in slow motion.


Loves being upright, whether held or on her own power.


Adalynn is wearing some 3-6month clothes, but most 6-9month fits her PerFect. Yikes!


and notice the smiles? This child is such a blessing, the most wonderful gift from God ever. (of course, all children are, but she's the most wonderful gift to us!)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Why Adalynn gets kicked out of Sunday School

(insert video here of Adalynn talking, and talking, and talking. i would, but it wOn'T upload.)

She is such a good-natured baby. So good. But also loud, and wiggly, and much so that we had to remove her from Sunday School and she got her first stint in the nursery for the last 20min. Can't plug her with the pacci (not that we want to anyway) because she'd just chew loudly on it. Want a drink? Nope, she'd rather take a loud suckle or two and then sit back and watch whoever is talking. Then try to talk back to them. What're we to do?!

Here's what Nemo thinks of Adalynn's progressing chattiness...

Adalynn reminded me...

...that there is MoRe that we need to share.

But, that Grandma went to Florida with Aunt Amy, Uncle Henry, Megan, and Henry John recently and Nana and Papa went to St Thomas. And they brought back some cOOl stuff. :) Thank you!

For Example...Grandma gave Adalynn these duckys. And Travis and I told Adalynn all about Florida in the bathtub and recreated a tropical waterfall oasis. And then we discovered that they the duckys squirt water. (so well that if the ducky is in the water and is squirted straight up, it can hit the ceiling. at a high velocity. and this led to a family water fight. great.) :)

K. I can remember the other stuff because of my list. But I had to get this up before I forgot! I thought pregnancy brain went away when you had the baby...

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Congratulations to some Special Peeps

Congratulations Scott and Laura! We are so incredibly happy for you 2.
You're wedding was fabulous, and I have lots of pictures (and a GreAt video) to show soon.


Happy Birthday Creig!

Even though you're old, we still love you. :)
Totally kidding. My husband made me say it.


Will return soon.

We're still here!

Need to fill you guys in on...
1. Why Adalynn was kicked out of Sunday School last week.
2. What Naomi thinks of Adalynn's recent chatty-kathyness.
3. The recent rehearsal, wedding, and reception.
4. The Fertility Blanket.
Needless to say, it's been busy. And Blogger's been PMSing and I haven't had the time nor energy to fight with it. And it makes me sad because I so love this blog. But this next week I hope to catch up, so keep in touch!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Oma!

Friday night we gathered at St. Isadores for a Lenten fish fry and to with Oma a *Happy 80th Birthday*. It was so good to see her, and Adalynn loved seeing and being held by her Oma again too. Of course, Oma has an advantage...she can move while sitting still. So Adalynn thinks everyone should have wheelchairs now! We *love* you Oma! May God bless this next year...

4 Things I like to do on my Blanket (keep it clean, I'm only 3.5 months old!)

Disclaimer for the Masselinks: Mom said that it's not THAT blanket. (I don't know what she's talking about. Crazy woman.) I *love* my quilt from Aunt Karie. It's my favorite.


1. I like to BASK in the sunlight. I'm just learning what sunlight is. It's very bright. But I think I'm going to like it.


2. I like to play with Mom. She's silly and sings me songs and reads me books. Then it's my turn and I sing songs and read books to her. *hehe* Mommy and Daddy say I'm loud and my voice carries. They think I got it from Papa Borck. I don't know what they're talking about, I'm just making sure everyone remembers it's all about me!


3. I like to drool. Check out the big slimy one below. Mom and Dad have renamed me "drool-bucket". I guess it's cause I'm doing it alot.


4. Tummy time. I used to not like tummy time.

*hehe* But now I think it's pretty great.

I *almost* rolled over on my own today, tummy to my back. I have done all of the movements for rolling on my own, I just haven't linked them together yet. But I did get Mom all excited yesterday and got her to get the camera out. She videotaped me for a while, then her SD card would run out of room and she had to delete the video and start over again. It was funny. And I still wouldn't roll over for her. *hehe*