Wednesday, January 25, 2012


This is the proposed setting that I will wake up to each morning, once we live out on the FarM. T says I'm being a bit optimistic, that actually with the current position of the house we will look out our bedroom slider a bit further south...but as I said in a presentation yesterday, "I like my happy little world". So.
Isn't it beautiful?Ahhhh....I'm relaxed just looking at it.

This picture is from further back, maybe a week and a half ago? K cracks me up. She really is full to the brim, overflowing even with personality. And yes, we are in our front yard.

This past Saturday T had training (EMT and fire) so the girls and I traversed outside to play.

Tunnel building...

And snow angel making...

And to end it, A conjured up a beautiful picture of drinking hot chocolate on the porch. I carried it outside, and she had lined up two camping chairs for them to sit in. Seriously, the hostess with the mostess in training here.

Sunday we drove out to the property and the girls played a bit while T worked the tractor. Punzi's current favorite sleeping spot is a testament to the warmth of compost. Seriously, she has 10 bales of straw barricaded around her dog house, as well as another bale on the ground...but no, she chooses decomposing poop. I love farm dogs.

Chopper wanted in on the action. He's getting quite big-thick.

And that's about it. House plans are coming, I think-hope, we'll show them when we get them. Otherwise, take care!

Monday, January 9, 2012

The M Christmas Extravaganza

The first week of January 2011 has proved, for sure, and spending time with our family this past weekend in Traverse City was an awesome kick start for a year of fun times with various family throughout the year. We hope!
(excuse my pictures, for the next while they will likely be cell phone pics - my camera broke after 1 picture of Adalynn opening her stocking on Christmas Day. I'm not sure when it will be fixed!)
We drove up to TC on Friday, to stay 1 night in a hotel with a pool. Our rooms adjoined with T's sister and her family's, and T's other sister was right down the hall with her husband and two children. The kids had a total hoot playing together!
Friday night we christened the pool. It took just a minute for the girls to get back in the swing of swimming.

Baths together are so. much. fun....

More playing...

Saturday we drove to Elk Lake to a cottage belonging to a friend of T's sister. The rest of the family joined us there.

The scenery was gorgeous.

The kids' took a walk to see the beaver dam down the path.

Sunday morning we were awed by the beauty, once again. God is an amazing artist!

After a few Sunday snafus (Adalynn getting - and recovering - from a bit of vomiting. Our truck not wanting to start, then leaking, then finally - 2 batteries later - recovering as well), we finally left about 1 to travel home. And we made it without further event, thank God!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas 2011

So yes, I realize it's been fo-r-ev-er since I have updated the blog. Forgive me, it's been a bit busy. I'm not going to review the past 6ish months, but I will post some pics of our sweet lil Christmas we just experienced.
Not in any particular order.
Monday morning, the 26th:
Christmas at our house.

Keely showed how to Christmas in style, yo!

Sunday, December 25:
Christmas at Dad's
Wednesday, December 27:
Christmas at Mom's

Ryan's homemade-by-Amy sled for his yet-unborn child

Amy showing us newbies how to use said sled...
and yes, there is a story behind these sleds, one from our Grandpa Enno (my mom's late father). The sleds were a great gift, and one that will be enjoyed for many, many winters!

Saturday, December 31:
Hanging out at the FarM

In the works, at the moment, are late Christmas presents that I am still knitting (getting closer!), planning to build our home at the FarM (hopefully breaking ground in the next 2 months), and a baby boy for April 2012 (yes, human). I'm sure there will be more updates soon, check back!