Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day 18

I'll catch y'all up later with pictures of the indoor tubing and pouring of the basement floor, but wanted to show where we are today. The backfilling to 2' below the basement wall has occurred, the rest will be back filled after the trusses are on. It appears that we'll have some downtime now, were just waiting on our builder to frame it before we can do much else. I just have to keep reminding myself that God's timing is perfect!
We had a chance to play with the horses a bit today. They are back bin their big pasture, with some modifications to keep them out of the large hole invading their pasture (where fill was pulled from for the house). They all got sprayed off, Grimmie's first time ever! which he took in stride. The horses need scrubbed, but they stood still like they were thankful for the cool down.
Enjoy the weather! Much love! The Ms.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Day .... ? I've lost count!

Just kidding, we're not that far into it. More later, but A wanted to say 'hi'!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day 14: Today

To save a couple bucks we decided to lay the insulation in the basement floor ourselves. This pink stuff will help insulate the infloor tubing, keeping the heat where it's supposed to be - not in the ground. My dad graciously came to help, as did the girls. We are very thankful for his service, it would have taken a lot longer without him!

Finished product:
Total time - 4.5 hours. Total $$ saved - approximately $400, depending on whose quote we're looking at.

Trav and I walked around and took some pictures afterwards.
don't tell Brian....

House and land looking north, well, slightly northeast:

House and land to the east:

I found some bonus pictures from T's phone. Here's the setup for pouring the basement walls:

And completing the rough plumbing, drain, and tile work:

It's Bob the Builder's dream world out here. Seriously!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Day 11: Yesterday

Rough plumbing and stone/tile were completed yesterday. Sweeeet! Even sweeter? 2 green tags mean that a few inspections were passed! Here's a few pictures:

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Days 7 (Sunday) and 10 (today!)

Sunday was gorgeous. We spent some quality time at the property doing ... well, rednecking it up, as T says. This project we will list in our "101 Things to Build with Pallets" handbook someday. Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of the final product.

But anyway, the house looked like this:

The concrete people pulled the forms off of the footings on Friday. Monday poured with rain, so basement walls were postponed until yesterday. I was a bit bummed, A and I were going to hang at the homestead while T and K went to an extra swim lesson. But alas, we had a lazy day at home instead (probably greatly needed, if i was to be honest with myself).
Yesterday T arrived at the property to feed at night and was met with an alarm. The basement wall, now poured, appeared much taller than the 8' that we were planning on. Measurements in multiple areas confirmed his suspicions: The basement wall was 9' tall. Huh.

(I can not wait to live out here!!!)

Fabulous weather! The girls traipsed along as we met with Adam, the concrete guy, this morning - at 8 am. Let me tell ya, the time change has not been nice to us and 8 came early! We talked about our options with this now tall wall. This change of plans is currently frustrating, but in the end we pray (and are sure) that it will be a blessing.
Once the girls woke up a bit more they couldn't stay inside - the weather was great! Later we drove back out to the property to meet with the plumbing and mechanical guys. We are truly working with great groups of people.
Adalynn peering at our 9' walls:

A shot from the west side:

The Root Cellar!!! (yay!)

We're waiting on the weather to determine tomorrow's plans. If all is quiet tonight and tomorrow, the rough plumbing will be completed by tomorrow night as well as exterior pea stone and tile. The interior will be completed Friday, we'll insulate the basement over the weekend, set PEX tubing Monday, and pour the basement floor Tuesday. (all plans subject to change!)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Building Day 4 - The First Concrete

The Footing Guy arrived before we did, but it worked out. The rain last night didn't help the driveway, but Thank God Brian built-up some of the driveway so it wasn't pure muck back there. Here is the house layout:

Due to the rain, we decided to go with a pump truck. Even skimming off the top layer of muck would've left pure slippery clay, and it wasn't worth the maneuvering and chance of getting the concrete truck stuck.

Even though the pump truck got stuck...silly boys. He would've been fine if he hadn't backed off the driveway to clean up, but he did. Excavator Brian to the rescue!

The girls had a hoot. We (and by we, I mean T and my dad) got the heater running in the fifth wheel. The heat was wonderful!

End of Day 4. Woot!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Days 2 and 3

The Excavator finished prepping the hole for footings yesterday. And they got a drain under the driveway to ensure our basement never, ever floods. (we appreciate that!). Adalynn and I met the Concreteguy out there this morning to review footings placement and ensure that everyone is on the same page. I think we are, now.

We're official!

Tomorrow they pour footings, Friday or Monday they pour the basement walls. Pray it doesn't rain too much in the next couple of days!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Day 1

Driveway extension? Check.

Basement hole? Check.

This is exhausting!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

FarMin a Home: The Beginning (kind of) March 3, 2012

Tomorrow The Build breaks ground. Our excavator is arriving at approximately 0800 with his caravan (or however they come?). Tonight we're wondering if we're ready.
Too late!
Here's our site. From the drive, looking north, see the electric box, then the tree stumps on the ground, and then the openish white area?
The white area - that's where the house is going (hopefully) with the tall side facing the entry from the woods/pasture (south).

A closer view:
And looking from the barn:
You see how our drives look like huge mud pits?

Just wait until tomorrow...

Friday, March 2, 2012

FarMin a Home

We closed on our construction loan this week, with digging scheduled to begin Monday. I thought, before we run out to a fundraiser Bball game (go T!) that I'd share some plans with you.
Here's the south elevation. We've chosen a shed style roof to take advantage of our south facing orientation. The picture below will explain the way the house will look from the west side (which will face the wooded area/driveway), and from the front (which will face the south, and will be the "tall wall").

And the main level floor layout. It's pretty straightforward and simple, nice and open. There will be a balcony, accessible from the girls' room, above the hallway. The balcony will be open on the great room side, allowing me to supervise (listen in) on the kids playing above.

We are employing other "oddities" in this home - infloor heat, polished concrete floors throughout the main level, and whatever whimsies cross our way.
Gotta run, take care!