Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What a week...

I know it's not nice to come on here and just spillllll, especially after I haven't written anything in the past ... well, it's been a while. But here's why. So far, since Sunday morning:

1. 5/5 of us have had the flu. We were dropping like flies there on Sunday night. Trav is, unfortunately, dealing with it right now.
2. We infected my sister's family, 2/3 of them who were sick Monday/Tuesday (1 already had it). Praying my sister doesn't get it.
3. We are in the middle of a likely irreparable fight with a family member. This sucks, and it keeps me awake at night. I want it resolved now, but am trying to wait on God's timing.
4. The tractor got stuck, yes, on flat ground, getting a round bale for the horses. Too much ice!
5. We have had to start talking to the insurance company again, about clothes that were damaged, and drywall that is cracking all. over. the. living. room. and. kitchen. I'm going to cry.
6. Our fridge died. This includes the freezer attached to the fridge. So, I spent this morning frying up a TON of pork.
6a. This, also, needs to go to insurance, as after the fire is when the fridge started acting up. I'm going to go hide under my sheets now.
7. My dear son picked up the top of the crock pot this morning to give it to me, and I told him to put it down. Which he did, on the floor. It is now in 3 pieces.
8. My dear daughter's Kindle, a Christmas gift from Nana, wouldn't turn on. After a call to Amazon, it needs to be replaced.

I have faith that God hears prayers and it will get better. Lots and lots of faith. I know, it could be a lot worse. I just had to let it out a minute.
Psalm 17

Okay...let me try that again. Since Sunday Morning, I am thankful for:
1. I have come to see how close our family is. I am very thankful for this. Within 12 hours, 4/5 of us got the flu. Trav was the sole healthy one and had to clean up after us for a few days, and now has it himself. Sorry honey. Thankfully, we have a lot of clean towels and blankets, clean bathrooms, and clean floors.
2. We are also very close with our extended family. (sorry.)
3. God is teaching me patience, and how to seek His word in times of trouble and conflict. I'm a slow study.
4. I am very thankful that my husband is very skilled at using the truck to unstick the tractor by now, and honestly, better without my help than with it.
5. God has foresight that we don't, thank you Lord! I'm thankful that our adjuster has been hemming and hawing on our last submission; God knows better than we do.
6. I'm thankful that we will have prepared meat for a while!
6a. Insurance, or the warranty from the electronic/appliance repair people, may cover a new fridge. Thank God!
7. I get a new crock pot?
8. Amazon's customer service. The lady I spoke with was awesome, and very nice, and quickly tried to trouble shoot. When that didn't work, she offered to send a new one right away, which will be here today.

Seeing the good, being thankful, isn't first nature. But God has shown his face in these past days; a post from a very Godly lady on a barrel racing forum led me to Psalm 17, which I have read often recently. Just after I initially wrote the first part of this post, I saw this story/devotional. Yes, it's all going to be ok. God is in control.