Thursday, August 30, 2012

He might have genes from my side of the family...

The girls and I brought Baby J to his 4 month appt on Wednesday. A day early, but who's counting?

The kid is big.
Tall, big.
99th %ile tall.
85th %ile heavy.
My arms feel it.
My back feels it.

No joke.

Add onto the fact that he's on the move. I left him on the purple mat on the far right of the picture; in the middle. Walked downstairs, hung up wet laundry and put in a load of darks (so I have something to wear to work tomorrow), and walked back upstairs. Guess where I found him?

Not on the mat.

But he surely is a joy to be around. He has pure, pure joy in his heart, and it radiates onto those around him. We love him so much.
(and for those who are doing the math: He's 17lbs 7 oz and ... I don't remember how long. Is that bad?)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

ahhhh....Saturday morning.

Happy Saturday morning!

It feels so good to be home.

Might even catch up on some of the kids' to-do lists...
Bonus points if you can guess what this one is for!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Moving In

The kids have lost no time making themselves feel at home!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

FarMHoose at NighT

We're slap happy folks...but we're almost done! And the definition of "done" in this instance is gaining no means are we done with the "extras", but that's all right. We'll be HERE!

I think I'm just out of my mind enough right now to see how many times I can use "quotes" in this post.

Just kidding. That would be super annoying.

Anyways. The inspectorS came by today, all 3 of them, and passed the plumbing/mechanical...then proceeded to tell us what we need to fix to get the electrical and structural to pass. We're a lot closer than we thought, so I took an emergency run to the great Home Depot during A's ice skating while T worked at the house. Now, the house is many steps closer, and we "think" we may get our occupancy permit tomorrow. We're crossing our fingers and thumbs (along with some toes, for us talented people) and praying that what we've done is enough. There will be some lingering tasks to do in the near future once we're in, but our inspectors have been AWESOME to work with on these; we are so blessed!
So if you think of it, say a little prayer for us!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

So Basically...I'm going to hang these photos out here

and head to bed. It's a bit late (read 12:17am), but I wanted to give a quick update of what's been up.
Below: we headed to the big lake this weekend and then stopped by the FarMhouse to do some work before heading to the other house.
Friday the floors were cleaned, so I wanted to showcase them while they were still (relatively) clean.
Gabion wall is coming, and final plumbing is (mostly) done. Stairs are built to the basement (and are beautiful, Mr. Bill did a great job...need to take pictures) and outdoor stairs up to the house are made (bonus points if you tell me what they were made of).
Much love ya'll. Ttyl!