Friday, February 19, 2010


Thank God It's Sunny!
and Friday!
And it's not that we have not taken down our Christmas decorations yet, it's that we are decorated for St. Patrick's Day.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Monday, February 15, 2010

This Week

This week, I'm intentionally slowing down. Last week consisted of multiple trips into town for various errands, none of which produced excitement other than the obligatory Costco run. On the plus side, we finally finished tasks that have hung around since Christmas, yes, Christmas. Yikes!
On Saturday I arrived home from work to find a lovely package awaiting me. Upon opening, I discovered a cone of light grey Marr Haven yarn. I'm super excited, and cast on my first project Saturday night. This yarn is superbly authentic.

Adalynn and Keely shout out a "Happy Valentine's Day Y'all!". Most of their Valentine's gifts consisted of wearables due to their rapid growth rate, leading to Adalynn's initiation of multiple clothing changes a day when they soil with the slightest drop of water. Keely just poops on 'em.
Without further ado, the babes:

While teasing smiles out of the girls, Rocky joined in and howling filled the air.

Which made Adalynn start to howl.

Adalynn's - now the big 2 and 3 months - current favorites include dancing and Jim Gill's CD "Irrational Anthem". This girl is displaying some serious signs of cabin fever. Keely, 7 months yikes!, is perfecting the army crawl before mastering the real thing, she really enjoys extracting toys from boxes, pulling a quick move to dip her hand in a bowl of food, and chewing on anything that relieves tooth pain.

In all, they're fabulous. Growing like weeds, and fabulous. Love you, girls!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

There ARE nice people in MI (that are not my family or friends or neighbors!)

(and no offense meant to those of you who live in michigan and i'm sure are nice, i just haven't met you yet)
Seriously. SO you may not catch on to my excitement, but I am excited.
Just tonight, I found out that Marr Haven Yarn's farm is RIGHT HERE in MI. Like, Allegan. Like, right down the road and down another road from us. SERIOUSLY. I know, you're dying right now, right? Like, now your life is complete that you know this?
Anyway, I'm super excited because they have their own sheep and make their own yarn, and dye their own yarn. So the girls and I are going to travel down there someday soon to check it out.
Oh, and why it's so exciting? Not only because it's good yarn. IT'S BECAUSE THEY ARE NICE. I left a comment on their blog saying 'hi', and she commented me back already. And said that my knitting looks good! How nice is that? So, so sweet! She totally scored brownie points in my book. :)

Snow happens.

When this happens...

This happens.

Honey, take off the hood. You're scaring the kids.
And me.

There ya are! Ooh-la-la!
My Mr. Camo-man.
You hot, baby! rrrrRRRRRrrrrrRR!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Finally, knitting for me!

Warning: Objects in picture may not be as Christmassy as they appear.
Still, just using up yarn. :)

Super, Super, SUPERBOWL!!!

Hangtime at Nanas.


That Rocky the Dog won.

my Dear, Dear husband.

and family
One Fun Day.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Monday, February 1, 2010


Happy Monday!
Weekend Recap: I worked, and the girls and I stayed at Opa and Oma's while T traveled to Flint-town Fri/Sat for a big boys weekend. Sounds like he had a good time, and although he did not sleep enough, he was in a good mood and very helpful the rest of the weekend. Thank you! And thank you too, Opa and Oma, the girls had a fabulous time playing. And thank you, Uncle Ryan, for SlumberPartying with Adalynn Friday night. She had a great time.
I'm beat from working. Seriously, I should not be this tired, but Keely's hour long play session at 3am might have something to do with my crippling fatigue.
But I'll have you know, we haven't let a lil tired eyes get us down. The girls and I kicked our tushies into gear and went grocery shopping this morning. Heck yea. First time I intentionally grocery shopped to a larger store in...oh...a month or 2? Bigger stores are gettin' me down. We're able to shop mostly at Heffron Farms and are trying to use up our pantry stash before buying too much more...and summer comes and Fresh! Food! is here again. Because. Summer. Will. Come. Say it with me, now.
I'm still knitting. Another pair of longies for Keely, as she wears the other pair often and We LOVE Them. I'm just using scraps to use up some yarn. This pair is turning out pretty good, think I'm getting the hang of it! The colors are pretty tom-boyish, but I'm just gonna play it off as a Fall pair, and hopefully they'll still fit.

Keely just woke, I hear her playing in the crib. I'll go rescue her, we'll catch up more later, tater-tot.