Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Some TidBits From the Masselinks

For the moment, this will be narrative only as our other computer is at the hospital - aka...my father's...getting fixed. (hopefully, we're crossing our fingers).
So in the meantime I'm posting another name, Jolene, and we'll go from there. Sorry, Amy, Lynnea was a no-go. Maybe people didn't know how to say it....hmmm....
So, today (I'm so proud of my girl) as we sat down to eat dinner together at the table, Adalynn waited and reached for Travis and my hands patiently. And she prayed with us. And then she said, "Amen", and we ate. Ach, this tugs on my heartstrings. Especially since Adalynn does not often show off her patience.
In other news, baby M. is starting to kick at her sister, and gets really excited when she's around. I'm having issues with names, one day everything sounds good and the next nothing. There is no in between. According to my wise husband, we can't force it, and the name will find us. BuT, currently I'm worried that we're going to end up at the hospital, ready to leave, and our poor baby girl is still "Baby Girl Masselink" and the nurses won't let us leave like that and that's just no way to enter into this world. And D-day moves closer and closer, especially with the birth of Scot and Heidi's boy (Congrats!!!) this past week. But it's ok, I'm just taking it one day at a time. yup.
One of the reasons why I've been delinquent on this blog is that I started working an extra 10hours a week. Which really, isn't a lot, but yet it feels like it is. At least I like it. The work is good and the people are great. Thank God! But, I hate that Tuesdays and Thursdays are now 10-hour days and Wednesday and Fridays I play catch-up. It's a trade-off.
Hopefully, all y'all are doing well. Take care and talk to ya soon!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I'm not avoiding this. It's been busy, but I DO have pictures to show! Of Kelsey, Easter, and more.
Our decent computer is fighting feriously with the power cord...and the power cord is winning by not providing necessary power to the computer. Our other computer works for words, but I can't put pictures on it or it will rebel.
I'm in a tough spot. And for the moment, am waiting for the other computer to fix itself miraculously.
Just wanted to give an update. We'll work it out soon, promise.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Poor Jean...I'm sorry about my knack for picking names of kiddos that you already know. I'm afraid that Jonah might just have to be confused. We'll find some way to differentiate between the two...like calling our child "The Cool Tessa M" or something like that.
So, yea...Lucy is a no-go I guess. I like it, but it really doesn't go with Adalynn too well, in my opinion. And since my opinion is what matters in this whole thing, well, Lucy is off the list.
Tiffany and Colin though, I think, should have a daughter and name her Lucy. Because A. They live in TN and will not be confusing poor Jonah, and B. It sounds good with Polidor.
For Amy's sake, we will poll on "Lynnea" this week. I'm not too sure about the saturation of "Lynn"s in my children's names, I really don't need any more help to be confused. But we'll see what y'all think.
Oh - and Happy Easter, by the way. I promise that I will get some more blogs up soon, I have pictures to share and stories to tell.
Ta Ta For Now.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Savannah...It's a Winna!

Huh. I'm kinda surprised. Pretty popular, Savannah was. Funny thing is, neither Travis or I were too hip on the name. Guess now we may have to contemplate and keep it in the running.
Ok...Ryan, I did consider honoring you here. But, I'm not 100% positive that your name ideas today would be taken as well and with as much humor as Mom and I displayed. And Mom...well, mom, sorry, I couldn't put yours up for questioning either...this is a family oriented blog.
So, Lucy. I really enjoy Lucy. To me it says fun, funny, and cute. (and black and white TV with a little red and white polkadots. ya know.) And it means: light. See? this is an educational blog too.

Monday, April 6, 2009


While I was taking pictures at the barn today

attempting to see if, when dressed up, Kelsey has a reason to be a snotty crab,

Adalynn and Trav were hiding from the wind in the truck.

Travis was teaching Adalynn a thing or two about how to drive, Michigan Style (minus the famous finger).

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My 2 Favorite Things-To-Do Today Were....

Eat Pretzels
Ride my Horsey.

Even Better!
(only allowed under direct adult supervision. no children or horses were harmed in the creation of this post.)


I am dissapointed! I thought for sure you guys would notice a good, classy, fun name when you saw one. But 50% of you did not. What's up with that? (the other 4-ish% - good call. you are good people. i can tell. and the one who KinDa liked it - com'on, show some PASSION!) I, for the record, still like it.
Now, Trav would like to throw Savannah up on the board.
Not sure why, we've never talked about Savannah. But, here we go, kids!