Monday, June 23, 2014

Our Weekend

Us girls went to the first horse show...ever! that the girls rode on Saturday. We took Sonic and Grimmie...the girls are hooked!

They each rode Sonic in 6 'speed' events. I walked beside 'lead line style', except for once when Adalynn busted Sonic into a trot, which evolved into a lope...out the arena gate. Thank goodness for the good soul that caught them on the way out! And Adalynn, while a bit scared for a moment, was soon ready to hop back up. My brave girl!

Sunday Sadie was dedicated at church. It was a very awesome and God-filled time at our church and home with close friends and family. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

May 23 to now...

I prefer to believe in 'God things' over coincidences myself, and the week after Memorial Day a God thing certainly happened! Over the course of time, especially since we've had the kids, I would occasionally google my old horse's registered name to see if anything came up. She was an awesome 1996 mare, rock solid, that I sold somewhere around 2003. She was a horse I compared other horses to, and let me tell ya, it's hard for them to measure up. I thought when we bought Mel that maybe we had found one, only to be disappointed again, as Mel is a bit hotter than I like for the kiddos.
But alas.
On Wednesday I googled her name and a Dreamhorse ad popped up. I couldn't believe it! Posted in April, no picture, but definitely her registered name and even the seller's name looked familiar. I yelled to T that I thought I found Sonic, and he responded that he would call. He does not appreciate my negotiating skills...which basically would have consisted of "I think you have my old horse and I want her back! Any price will be fine!". So, I'm sure groaning inwardly, he said he would call. And on Sunday that weekend we drove to pick her up. 
We are so ecstatic to have her back. The same owner had her that I had sold her to, and she had done well for them. I like to think Sonic remembers me, she turns her head and comes when I send out my trademark whistle.

K's Kindy Picture:

April to May 21...

All's some pictures in reverse chronological order ranging from April (at the bottom) when the kiddos new trampoline, a Christmas present, was initially setup to May 21, when lil Miss Sadie Elizabeth was born. 

The first 4 pictures are of Sadie, bless her lil heart. We love her!

A, showing off her chicken's (for the life of me I can't remember the hen's name right now) egg. She is an easter egger, and A likes to claim all of her eggs for herself :).

A reading to her siblings. She's an awesome reader, and reads vivaciously to anyone who will listen.

A's field day at school.

And the new trampoline. The kids love this thing, I never knew how much joy and laughter it would bring!

Double shot - A and K and jumping, and in the background you can see J and T chasing each other on their respective tractors. It was quite hilarious. (yes, all safety precautions were taken!)

Now to catch up the rest of the way....