Thursday, February 26, 2009

Adalynn and her Dog

Tiffany has requested pictures of Adalynn playing with the dogs....Tiff, do you know how difficult this is? For example, Adalynn was tired the other day and was laying (literally, laying, with the sacred Mr. Wubbs, thumbs in her mouth, Banks as a body pillow...the whole nine yards) on Banks while he was comatose on the floor. I steathily crept around them and pulled out the camera. And the moment was broken. Pooh.

We have 2 canine inhabitants in this household, but only one of them really tolerates Adalynn well. The other one hangs out until food hits the floor, but when Adalynn gets down and chases him at Mach 5 he turns tail and runs for it.
So Rocky yells "Not It" every time Adalynn is around, and Banks takes the fall. Poor guy. And lately, he's been in some rough situations because of it.

In this instance Banks was, innocently enough, laying on his back playing with Rocky on the floor. See, he's smart enough to know that if he's Up and playing either Trav or I will put the kebash on their fun quite quickly. Our little smart cookie knows this too, and has figured out that if Banks is occupied playing with Rocky, he doesn't notice that Adalynn is often hanging on him too.

Until she tries to get off him, runs into the ottoman, knees him in the jimmy, and he suddenly decides to heave the little urchin away. In the meantime though, it makes for a good laugh.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Coming March 1 to a Meijer Near You...

Someone must have been looking out for me today, because I made my kitchen dirty. I haven't cooked lately, it's just too much effort, but today I thought would be a good day to break that habit. So I cooked. And baked. And made Jello. (that's not really cooking, is it? i don't think so.)

And in the end, my kitchen was a horrific mess.

But, it presented me with the perfect opportunity to try 2 new cleaning products from EcoStore USA; their "Naturally Antibacterial Spray Cleaner" and "Lemon Cream Cleanser". Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm fairly fanatical about ensuring that what we use in our house is safe for our babies. If they are a local company, Even Better! And this is. EcoStore is based in MI, and they list all the ingredients for each product, and their stuff is plant based. And one of my faves? When I recieved these two products, I realized that ALL of their packaging is earth-friendly too! My consience is clean.

Anyway, back to my ugly kitchen. I cleaned the counters, and my stove-top, using the Naturally Antibacterial Spray Cleaner.

It was awesome....I had dribbled honey in multiple spots while I was cooking, and it came right off without a fuss. Sweet! No odor, that I could tell (and I'm pregnant...I can tell...) I love that it is Antibacterial. I normally use a green cleaner, but it is so nice to find one that is green and antibacterial and works supremely well.

Onto my sink...

I hate it when my sink gets like this. All ucky and slimy and gross. So I took this fabulous Cream Cleanser to it, and the job was tackled with ease.
Moment of honesty: I usually use a vinegar mix to clean my sink. It's cheap, and natural. BUT, it smells like it's been cleaned with vinegar. The Cream Cleanser left a nice, easy, lemon smell. Not overbearing at all. And, as I found out, it's super concentrated, so you are getting your money worth (trust me, a little goes a long way...I had enough suds to fill a bathtub!).

Look at that, an easy clean and my lovely sparkling sink! The Cream Cleanser even took away some rust rings that our sink was tightly holding onto. And moments later, when Trav and I were contemplating how our power had just turned off, for no apparent reason, no ghastly storm was brewing outside or pummeling winds, I took a deep breath and smelled a clean, relaxing, lemony scent. And realized, that's my clean sink. Ahhhhhh......

Since I had such a lovely initial experience with these EcoStore USA products, I'm uber-excited that they will be sold at Meijer come March 1. No running to health food stores, just a one-stop pick me up! And rumor is, for you non-midwesterners, they may even be sold online with Meijer.
Gotta run. My chilli just exploded in the microwave. Guess I'll try the Spray Cleaner on that!

Our 'lil Genius Child

Conincidentally (or not?) we bring Adalynn to the same Pediatrician office that I went to when I was little. Different Dr (I went to school with this one's daughter), but seems as though we have history with all the docs there...the one I went to when I was little treated me for Spinal Meningitis. Travis went to school with another Dr's children, and Naomi now goes to this doctor. This morning at 9am, our appointment went alot like this:

"Hi Cara and Adalynn, how's it going?"

"Say 'hi' to the Dr.! It's going good." (Adalynn grins)

"Well, let's get her height and weight." I strip her down to her diaper and she gets measured and weighed.

"Looks like she is taller than all but 1% of other kids her age, and weighs more than 90%. But that's a perfect weight for her height. Good." (1 point for Adalynn)

"What words does she have now?"

"Quite a few. Let's see....Mama, Daddy, doggy, woof-woof, Kelsey, Patches, quack-quack, moo, ball, up, wa-wa, bottle, potty, pee-pee, poopy, Nana, Papa, Opa, Oma, Naomi, book, nigh-night, eat, shoe, sock, hi, bu-bye, all done....and that's all I can think of right now. Not all are perfectly clear, but she gets her point across pretty well."

"Wow, kids her age generally have 4-6words, so she's doing good. Is she eating good?" (2 points....and counting)

"Yea, as long as we don't feed her the same thing 2 days in a row. Let's see, she eats a lot of fruit, some veggies, loves cheese, and a lot of different textures and tastes. She's not a big sweets eater. She drinks about 16+ ounces of milk a day. She is 75% accomplished with a spoon and fork. She drinks out of a straw."

"That sounds good. She should be having 20 ounces of milk a day, but if she gets 16 and some cheese or yogurt that will bring her up to 20. How does she sleep? Naps?" (Man, oh man, she's on a roll!)

"She sleeps good in a toddler bed. She takes 1-2naps a day, generally 1 when she's away from home, 1-2 at home."

"This is the time when toddlers take 1-2 naps, transitioning down from 2 naps to 1. Very normal. Let me see her walk." I let her down. She walks to the door, then I call her back to me and she runs back. Doc laughs.

"I know, her legs are turned in a bit."

"Yup, they are. But they are turned in from the hip, and they'll keep straightening out until she's 6. It's normal and she looks good. So what shots are we doing today?" (Adalynn is on a delayed vaccine schedule.)

"I would like to wait on the MMR until she's 2. So I think that she would only have the HIB today."

"There's a shortage of HIB right now, so we actually aren't giving the 15month dose anyway. We can either substitute another one or she can do them at 18months. But I don't think she needs an 18 month well-child visit, I only do those if I have concerns about the child's development. But I have no concerns here, she's way ahead."

"We can wait. I'll bring her in for 18month shots." I didn't figure it would hurt for her to go to the Dr and NoT get a shot!

"Ok, Adalynn do you want a ducky?" He gives Adalynn a little rubber bath ducky. I shot her in the face with air and she laughed. Then she blew her nose in the duck.....ok....maybe not a genius baby yet!

"She has a great smile. See ya later!"

"Bu-bye!" (from Adalynn)

Sorry for you to have to hear that I'm not. I'm her mother, and I'm very proud of her. Way ahead....YOU GROW GIRL!!!! (just not too fast, k?)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ha Ha Ha

These 3 pictures I recieved on my Blackberry from my lovingly loco husband and daughter at home cracked me up at work yesterday. Perhaps you'll get a chuckle too.

Starts off clean enough. (haha, get it?)

And it just goes downhill from there...

Friday, February 20, 2009

The First Bloody Owie

No, I am not attempting to swear svelty in English. I would like to report that today Adalynn experienced her first serious encounter with the furniture at 7:45am. After bleeding from her bottom lip for 5 minutes and leaving residue on Mr. Wubbs and Daddy's shirt, Adalynn was able to drink her bottle and continue on her day normally. Minimal wounds remain to remind us of the day that Adalynn escaped major injury and catastrophe.

For the record, spellcheck does not have "Owie" in it's vocabulary.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Closet, Part Dos

Here, I blogged about our master closet. How ashamed I am of it. How I tried to keep the door shut to forget about it, only speedily sprinting in and out with the light off and my eyes closed to grab some clothes in the morning and shove them back in at night. . (explains alot about why my fashion sense has gone down the tubes lately, doesn't it? well that, and the whole "pregnancy" thing.)

So first, we took everything out of the closet. Remember that originally there was a single bar across to hang clothes on and one shelf above it? I dismantled that, and we painted the closet a blue/gray. I like this blue. It soothes me. Yes, I know we didn't paint all the way up. Hold onto your horses, we're getting to the reason why... Finally, after one and a half grueling weeks of having our old closet ripped apart to prepare for the new closet, the wait is over.

The closet man arrived this morning, fairly punctually, and installed these beauties.

And it looked so clean and pretty (after I dusted them), that I could hardly stand it. I almost peed my pants. (again, blame it on the pregnancy...but thanks to Kegels, i didn't.) Closet Man had barely left the porch and I was already devising a plan to get everything re-organized.

And now, our clothes are in their final resting place. It doesn't look as clean and pretty as when Closet Man left, but it is organized. And I even had room for some of my paperwork and books. It's a miracle.

I'm a little amazed, and frankly quite scared, that we did fill it up so quickly. And I was sad as I uncovered clothes that I won't be able to wear for oh, the next 6 months. I've always been a little appalled by the amount of clothes that Travis owns, but right now I'm ok with it. It all fits, and I know that he doesn't need to spend money on clothes for a loooooong time.

Monday, February 16, 2009

I really thought that eventually this cold that is hanging on to me would eventually give up ghost and leave. But it hasn't yet. I thought maybe it's been digging further and further into my head because I haven't given it proper homage by giving it the credit it so severely desires. So I took one day off work to sleep (as much as you can with a 1year old) it away....I hope it's working.
So why, just coming off a weekend, haven't I had time to rest? Because of all this....
Friday: The Basement Day

Bill, John, Rennae, Maggie, and Lily visited to help us (Trav, really) crank out a bunch of the basement bathroom and bar area framing, electrical, and whatever else you have to do when you are finishing your basement. Bill, John, and Travis made enormous gains in the basement... prior to this morning the bathroom area was blank and the counter and bar sink rested on 2 stands. Now, it's framed and Bill is finishing the plumbing for the shower. That man is a miracle.

They had framed this by midmorning.

Another view.

Now we can put in a door...well, when it's that time...

And here they have framed in the bar space...the 2 cabinet doors on the Deb will fill with stained glass and we will hang them horizontally for 2 built-in shelves. The doors match our french doors on the bedroom down here. Also, the door to enter the furnace area and the bathroom is fully framed, including a linen closet and a partition between the toilet and the walk-in shower. The rest of the partition will be glass block.

Upstairs, Rennae, Adalynn and I painted closets and readied them for installation of the final shelving pieces. Our master closet will be done on Wednesday, while Adalynn's will be done...when we get around to it. (More pictures once it's done!) Rennae also, very kindly, cleaned and cooked on Friday. Many, many Thanks to you all!

Saturday: My favorite Bride-to-Be and my Valentine

Valentine's Day morning Trav left for an all-day Water Rescue Training with the fire department (for which he is now Certified...go hubby!), while Adalynn and I jetted up to GR to have breakfast with Opa and Oma at a charming little grease-pit named New Beginnings. After leaving the child behind, I ran over to meet the girls for some Vday Yoga to start off Alison's Bachelorette Party. No pictures of the yoga yet (and really, not so sure I'd post them. sorry.). Oh! But I did give Al her Bachelorette Pampering Present, thinking she may be able to use some of the items after a greuling yoga session. On Wednesday of last week, I spent the day hunched over my sewing machine for my dear friend. I first freely crafted a delicious drawstring tote with the cutest pink, green and white complementing fabrics. Of course, I didn't take any pictures of it. I could kick myself.

Then, once again my pal Amy Butler came through with a free pattern for an eye pillow with a slipcover and carrying case. This had the makins of a perfect pampering gift.

The satin slipcover, removable for washing. The insert is filled with Organic Flaxseed and Lavendar. This combination is said to help with your Yoga meditation/relaxation. Also, if placed in a freezer Ziploc bag and put in the freezer for a couple of hours it can help relieve Migraines. I think I could use one right now!

And the precious little carrying case.
After the yoga we drove to Touch! Nail Salon and our toesies, now sore from Yoga, got some love and attention.
Hillary and Molly provided Cupcakes, Sugar Cookies, and Subway. The lunch of Champions, or at least it tasted like it at the time!

Al dished some delicious secrets...

And opened more gifts. For our eyes only *wink*...oh, and Jesse's.

I ran home to grab a nap before T's and my big Vday plans in hopes to ease my aching head. I did nap, but my head still felt like a 747 landing pad. After Trav got home we visited Little Leeum and went out to dinner at the Bonefish Grill. Very good food, Very good company.

Sunday: More Al!

After church on Sunday, Trav and I ran to GR to visit the Home De-Pot, pick up Adalynn (and some very very good stuffed Pork Chops), and then Linda and I ran to Al's 2nd Wedding Shower. We were late all day.

Adalynn Loves Auntie Al...
(doesn't Adalynn just look like the perfect little peach? so adorable.)

The desserts looked great...have to say that....Linda baked the delicious Bluberry Cheesecake and I made the cupcakes. :)
Stephanie's talent with decorations enhanced the lovely atmosphere.

Al opened more presents....are you noting the theme here?!

During the presents someone injected my "Perfect Little Peach" with some crack-cocaine covered in sugar and she began running around...and around...and around giggling like a maniac. Then she crashed and wanted nothing more to have Oma hold her in front of the pool window and beg mercilessly for the ball the kids in the pool were playing with. It's tough to be a kid.

After the shower, Adalynn and I met Trav at the Madden's house...Trav's dear friends. We watched the "Redneck 500" (T's call, not mine!) for a while. Changed Adalynn out of her dressy clothes and noticed that she can no longer wear any size 5 shoes. Oops.

Adalynn got her second wind for a while. Up and down the small, Adalynn-sized stairs she went.

And then over to Papa Madden for some play. This girl has it made.

Then Monday arrived, and I'm still in a half-sunk state, feel hungover but know I'm definately not. I have a water buffalo sitting on my right cheek bone, impeding my right eye vision. I've been blowing my nose so much that this afternoon Adalynn has started running around the house (no, she doesn't walk anymore, that was so yesterday) with a Kleenex wiping down the table, then the TV, then Banks, then blowing her non-existent snobbies in the Kleenex. She also knows very well where my nose is, I guess something good has come out of this cold. This morning she grabbed my sore nose (hard, we need to learn soft yet) and yelled "Noooooos", then poked me in the eye and yelled "Eiiiiiiiiii", and repeated with the other eye. While I'm thrilled that she's learning this stuff, I think our next lesson is going to be on gentleness. I'll keep in touch, and hope and pray that this day of rest is doing some good to restore health. This cold, like this winter, can't last forever, right? God promises?

Welcome, Leeum!

Welcome, Mr. Leeum Christopher. Born the afternoon of February 13, 2009. He weighed in at 8lbs 3oz and 20inches long (beating Adalynn by an ounce and an inch!). Though he gave his Mama a little trouble during his arrival, he's here now and everyone is healthy and doing well.
Congratulations, Jenny and Jon, he is perfect and absolutely beautiful. And as soon as I'm well, I will hold him and tell him that myself. :) We're proud of you, and Leeum, we love you!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I was going to write you a note at the end of the last blog, but I forgot. I got your comment though, and I can do either - teach you or make one for you. Whateva you prefer. (I can't say I'm a great teacher, you may not learn how to sew just right, but your projects turn out anyway :) Just email me (Laura has it) or leave another comment or something. I'm flexible.
And don't you feel special about having a post just for you?!? :)


I hate it when my baby is sick. I mean really, I suppose that no mother in her right mind likes it when her child is sick...but I hate it. Her coughing, sneezing, sniffling, "Mama, I'm miserable, Please do something" look. Even an ice cube in this nasty, freezing, Michigan weather would melt at the look in her eyes. Really. Even the Grinch's heart would have to grow x400 at this look.

Oh my, she's killin' me. But then, one night near the end of last week we had this stunning sunset. And it restored my hope that health, one day, would again visit us.

(don't ask why a sunset would give me hope. it just did, ok?)
And, sure 'nuff, the 'lil Peanut Brittle is once again terrorizing my house.

...And the dogs, who have an Ad of their own:


Please, take me home with you. But only if you meet these qualifications: NO running children who randomly choose to sit on my stomach. NO crawling rugrats, especially if they are crawling or jumping or leaping on me. NO munchkins who take my toys. Or give me a toy and take it back again. That's really not nice. Oh, and I prefer to sleep in a bed, please.


I'm happy. And neurotic. Mainly just neurotic. Pwease don't yell at me, it makes me sad. For a minute. Oh, and let me go to the barn with you. And church. And anytime you leave the house. Or in the house, like go to bed. Or to the bathroom. Or get Adawynn. Pwetty, pwetty pwease.

Seriously though? Trav's buddy from high school visited last week and stayed overnight. For a few glorious hours in the morning as Banks slept in with Carl we were a single dog household. Then Banks returned. Oh the hair! I'm going nuts with all the hair in my house. I just keep thinking, "God won't give us any more than we can handle". I can handle the hair.

Friday, February 6, 2009

I love these pillows!

To spruce up Adalynn's room I found this super cute Amy Butler sewing pattern for Gum Drop Pillows. This is the smaller size, I think I may make a larger one to keep it company too. Adalynn already loves crawling, climbing, and rolling over it.