Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Dock

Pathetic. Lost and Forlorn. Desperate.

I don't know how else to describe the looks on our poor dogs faces when we told them they couldn't travel south to Grandpa Ed's and Grandma Deb's house. But THIS is why...

At their humble homestead on Gun Lake, they were running a small zoo. Mind you, the house has been expanded in every way possible to accomodate comfortable sleeping arrangements of the large, blended, LARGE family. But there isn't so much that can be done to expand the yard for the visitation of multiple dogs. So, alas, ours had to settle for a quiet, cool basement while we traipsed down to assist with the Annual Dock Assembly. Which was OK. They were cool with it. Really.


It being Jeff's birthday and all, our present to Jeff was allowing him to pick on Travis.

(doesn't it look like Jeff has a mutant leg here? freaky wierd.)


They did finally get some work done. Silly boys.
Happy Birthday Jeff. We wish you much happiness, laughter, and love in this next year of your life. And besides what Travis says, 26 is NOT old. He's just jealous that he's not 26 yet.

The Track

Jeff and The Beamer
Oh, the track. It's a special time of year when it gets to be racing season again. We do love a good race every now and then, so on Sunday we drove down to the track and pulled up a piece of grass on Ed and Deb's super-special-on-the-fence-spot and supported Ed and Jeff as they raced. Or attempted to. Not too far into the races (I don't know how far they got. Something about time trials? Note: I know nothing about this sport and it's supersecret lingo.) this happened:

I am ignorant when it comes to cars. But even I was able to see that something is not right with poor Wile E.'s windshield. So Ed was out for the day.

Then Jeff redlit a little later and he was out. (i'm sure i'll get some heck later for inaccurate use of terms. oops.)

the girl's parade the bold new sumer '08 fashion accessories


It wasn't the most successful day we've had out at the track by far. But everyone returned home safe and tired at the end of the day, and today, that was enough.

Happy Memorial Day!

What a weekend. Mostly tame on our end, really. We mostly hung out as a family. And not the BiG family either. Our little, precious family. We walked a LOT, as Travis said. Down to the lake for ice cream 2 nights (Mmmmm...) and to church on Sunday. Lazed (yes, lazy can be a verb too) around and were just present with eachother. And actually, it was a enjoyable, nice, peaceful, and sweet time. But, enough words. Here's some moments captured this past weekend:


The Mornings


The Evenings


Mr. Darky Dark: I was telling my daughter I love her. Nerd-o.

Friday, May 23, 2008

*tear* *praying* *love*

Recent news from my ole N-ville speaks of the tragic death of Maria Sue Chapman, daughter to Steven Curtis Chapman (there is a really cute video on this link of Steven and Maria washing dishes). She was the youngest daughter of 6 siblings, 1 of 3 adopted children.
For those of you who don't know, Mr. Chapman is a talented and gifted christian music singer. He sang "This is the Great Adventure" that rang out over the loudspeakers every Shodeo at Grace Youth Camp in 1996, among countless other hits. He resides in Franklin, TN with his family.
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Chapman family during this very difficult time.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A: adorable
D: darling

A: action-packed

L: lenient

Y: yackety-yack-yack

N: nosy

N: newly 6 months old


i LOVE you. Mom.

Monday, May 19, 2008

I've hit the BIG 6-0

6.0 months that is.

And I gotta tell you, I'm getting the hang of life. Mama says being 6 months old doesn't make me an expert, but I gotta disagree. I get what I want, and that's all that matters.

I'm prefer not to call myself spoiled, but rather Decisive-and-Willing-to-Make-a-Scene-to-get-what-I-want. Such as:

1. Food. I *love* all food, all shapes and kinds, and especially if mom and dad are eating it. Knawing on bread is a current fave.

2. Books. I *love* them all. My favorite book (or ad, newspaper article, pamphlet...I don't discriminate) is THE one that Mom is reading currently. While I'm sure written information is important, I like the taste and consistency of the cover and pages the best.
3. Talking. or Fake Coughing. Hahahaha -cough- -cough- -cough-. Keeps 'em on their toes.
4. Moving. Currently my modus operandi is rolling. However, mom was pushing me around on my crotch rocket yesterday and I think I'm in love.

So much, in fact, that when mom stopped for bedtime I cried pathetically. Which normally guilts my parents into action, and it got me 2 extra rides till it quite working...double darn. Note to self: Need to acquire new manipulative skills. Hmmm....

I guess I can't really complain. After all, I did get a 6 month birthday party.

Mom baked me a cake. I couldn't have any. Boo Hoo.

And I hung out with my cousins and played till exhaustion.

So here I am. Ready to travel a path of growing and learning this summer (haha. so mom and dad think. more like terrorizing and mischiefing. Bring it On PeePs.)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Everybody let outta, "WHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHOOOOOOOOOO!?!?!". I am, as of today, unemployed...well, until Monday, when I start working at Community Caregivers. (anyone need home health care? anyone? i am your woman).

Today, my last day at Borgess, was bittersweet. I am soooo happy that I will be spending more time at home with the 'lil runt. On the other hand, I will miss all of my friends that I have bonded with in the past year-and-a-half over way-too-early mornings, wierd patient names, crazy patients, ingenious diagnoses and spellings in H&Ps. (SOB anyone? or how about how this patient fell over a "gait"? or saying 'he' throughout the whole paragraph, and the patient's name is "Sarah"? or stating her mom was present, when she's 92? not kidding, it happens. and these are Doctors, people. but i digress.).
So it's with these thoughts that I reluctantly sing, "SCHOOOOOOL'S OUT. FOR. SUMMER!!", only really it's "IIIIIIII'M DONE. AT. BORGESS!". I'm gonna get over driving an hour one way, and snuggle a little more with my baby girl. Love her while I can still pick her up (which, for those of you wondering, will probably only be another week or so). Feed her tummy full and teach her how to crawl, walk, and talk.
*That's where I'll be.*
For you Borgess people reading these sentimental words (-tear- ... com'on, anything?), leave a note every now and again and let me know how things are going (i.e., you can comment on here if you want. i invite you.). And when you're near GR, gimme a call and come visit. We'll do our best to visit when we're in the 'zoo.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Us Masselinks, We Aim to Keep Our Word.

That's right. When I said that nothing ever goes on around here without a good story, I might have jinxed us. Never say 'never', right? I really think that God sometimes looks down on us and says, "Hmmm....How're they going to screw this up?" And then He watches as Travis, Adalynn, and I go about our business, and lets out a boisterous chuckle when the events of the day, once again, go awry.

Case in Point: Mother's Day Weekend.

It all started innocently enough. Travis traveled to the cabin with John to open the clubhouse. Adalynn and I had a quiet night at home on Friday, then Saturday drove into town with the pups for the rest of the weekend.

With fabulous Saturday weather, Adalynn and I went to the zoo with Jerilynn and Naomi to enjoy.

Adalynn gives a new meaning to 'hanging out'.


Awww...the cuz' love eachother!
They are 1.5yrs and almost 6months. I want to know how they are making the same face at the same time. and they are only supposedly in the solitary play stage. yah right. pure genious.
Travis and John returned Saturday afternoon, and later that night we enjoyed a night out for T's Uncle Jim's surprise Bday party while Grandpa and Grandma Linda watched Adalynn.

Good times. We're still sailing along smoothly.

Mother's Day. I worked in the morning, met Adalynn and Travis at church. We went to dinner with family, taking a lot of pictures and enjoying eachothers company. (sweet like a hallmark card...awwww....)

By this time Adalynn is getting tired. Just after this picture she bumped her head on the table and cried like she rarely, if ever, does out of fatigue and hunger. Then she downed a jar of apples and returned to 'Happy-Go-Lucky Baby'.

We shot a couple of pictures to commemorate Adalynn's first Mother's Day (it is all about her, isn't it? i mean, Mother's Day is just another day to remind us of our blessings. as if we could forget.)


It was about this time that the Mother's Day gifts we made for the Grandmothers began to fall apart. BooHoo. We got this fantastic idea of making stepping stones out of concrete, adorning them with our daughter's tiny and perfect footprints and precious stones, and presenting them to the grandmothers, bringing tears to their eyes. It didn't work. Evidently, we aren't experts on "How Concrete Works". Due to a bad proportion between the water and concrete mix the stones wouldn't harden, but easily fractured into pieces when I pried them (carefully) from the form. Well, one broke when I took it out. The other 2 managed to make it to the grandmothers, but due to fragility I'm not sure how well they will hold up to the weather. Not cool. Big bummer.


That dissapointment opened the door for a bigger mess to occur. Travis packed up our luggage, readied the truck for Adalynn, the dogs, and I while Adalynn and I took a lovely snooze on the couch. And mind you, we never woke up until Travis returned. And he has this story to tell:

He wanted to take his 4-Wheeler home, but didn't want to put it into the trailer. So, he thought it would fit perfectly into the back of our F250. Like a puzzle piece, right? He placed the ramps carefully against the tailgate, John supervised, and rode the ATV up the ramps. Slowing at the top so he wouldn't run into the toolbox in the bed of the truck. Then realizing he needed a *pinch* more juice, he revved the engine just a touch. Trouble. He heard 2 pings as the ramps slid out from under the back wheels and hit the ground. The 4-wheeler proceeded to flip backwards. Travis fell to the ground, where he landed on his back and left elbow. He looked up just in time to see the 4-wheeler falling onto his left arm. Ouch.

Thankfully, a trip to the med center later and x-rays of his left elbow showed no fracture. He's a bit sore, but improving every day.

Seriously, Thank God. It could have been so much worse.


So that was our Mother's Day weekend. Hope your's was great.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother Day!

To All Our Mothers (and we have a lot of them...right Brad?)
Thank You.
More to come later on this very eventful weekend...Adalynn's first Zoo trip, a Very Special Suprise Birthday Party, a night with the Grandparents, Cute Cute pictures, and a trip to the Urgent Care center.
Urgent Care Center? Yes. Thank God Travis wasn't hurt more when the 4-wheeler flipped out of the truck...No fractures or concussions, just some nasty CONTUSIONS (actual Doc's diagnosis).
But I'm not supposed to be saying it here, right? Coming Soon...

Friday, May 9, 2008

Broccoli Wins!

That's probably not something you hear too much...Broccoli doesn't often win prizes. But, today it won the honor of being the first lovely plant to enter my garden. I'm so proud of the little green fur-balls. Grow, baby, grow!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Happy Hump Day (It's Wednesday people, get your mind outta the gutter)

Go Green Lake softball...Travis is once again playing softball this year, only he has changed teams and is now honoring Green Lake with his presence (i.e. "Professional Ball Skills", according to the Big T). Adalynn and I stood in as a 2-person Cheer Team, when her mouth wasn't occupied with a chewie.

No, we're not subjecting our daughter to random tolerance training. Tonight Travis had to cut some boards downstairs for a wall, and Adalynn was playing nearby. Being the good daddy he is, he protected her precious ears with these headphones. Look up "Good Sport" in the encyclopedia, and you'll get this picture:

And, why did Adalynn and I hang in the basement with T tonight? Ahhh....time will soon tell, my dear Watson.


Sara - Travis' Aunt knew a person who made the ducky/chicky hat. I agree, it is totally adorable. And with the matching sweater? Adalynn is beyond cute! (not that I'm biased...) The birds even have wings. I don't know how she did it. Amazing.

Sunday, May 4, 2008


"There is something about the outside of a horse that's good for the inside of a man".
Go Winston Churchill, you rock, man. I do have to agree with you. And we're well on our way to raising another believer. Grandma Deb led pony rides at Spirit Farms today and we just HAD to visit. Adalynn rides a horse similar to the way she rides in the wagon...arms out to the side for balance, head bobbing, and a look saying, "Do I like this? Yes, I think I do!".
"Look Ma, No hands!"


Uncle Ryan and Grandma came over today for dinner and traveled to Spirit Farms with us. Adalynn really enjoyed playing with Uncle Ryan - the taller she pretended to be (with Uncle R's help) the more she grinned. and drooled.


"How'd I get down here?"


After dinner we walked to the local Ice Cream Shop. How excited am I about Ice Scream? Very, very much. Mmmmm. Only One casualty (and lesson learned): Not a good idea to tie the dogs leashes together, then fasten them to the stroller Grams is pushing with a carribeaner so that Mom can have her hands free to play softball. The worst scenario: another dog-walker passes by and Rocky and Banks want to chase. Oops. Adalynn thought it was a good time.


So, Grandma Deb, how about them horses? :) (just kidding.)