Friday, July 11, 2014

Cherry Fest and Beyond...

Got on the Grimster yesterday. He's a fun colt. Wish I had more time to ride him, but he's doing good.

The kids and I went up to Traverse City to hang out for a bit. Ryan came up, here's the first time he met Sadie:

S's first snooze on the beach:

We went up to the Cherry Connection:

A few selfies and not at the Sleeping Bear Dunes:

The next day was COOOOLLDDD and we went downtown:

Eating at Bubbas...

A few rides on the Midway...

And later that night biking (in the sprinkling rain!!) to Moomer's for dinner and ice cream:

(yes, she rides a 2-wheeler now!)

I tried to get J to share with his sisters, but he was pretty adamant that he have his own "Cow Moo!!". Who am I to deprive the kiddo?

I think they were sufficiently worn out!

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